Wednesday, July 06, 2016

I just lost my country

A hypothetical situation.

I am driving my Mazda CX-5, listening to Bob Dylan really loud, singing along, with my eyes closed and not paying attention. My speed creeps up from the Guam limit of 35 mph to 65 mph. I don't see a school zone (because my eyes are closed) and I run over seven little kids killing six of them and crippling the seventh for life. I then fail to stop and continue on home dragging the body of one of the dead brats under my car for three or four miles. Can I now avoid prosecution for speeding, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, manslaughter and possibly murder by claiming there was no intent to break the law? If so I can thank Mr Comey the FBI director because this the excuse he just gave Hillary Clinton and set it as a precedent in US law.

Ignorance of the law has never been a defense in breaking the law. Neither has a lack of intent to break the law been a defense in avoiding prosecution. In the vast majority of reckless driving cases I would imagine the bad driver will claim "I never meant to hurt anyone!" and it is probably a true statement but they go to jail anyway. Well not anymore baby, not any more!
Hillary Clinton broke up to 14 Federal laws, multiple times. She is the most corrupt and venal politician in the history of the United States. She makes Richard Nixon look like a Saint. She makes Bernie Madoff look like a Saint. In fact she makes Donald Trump (as flawed as he is) look like a Saint.

If she is not prosecuted because the FBI could not find "Intent" then I should not be prosecuted for running down seven children in my SUV as per the hypothetical situation above provided I claim I had no intent to break the law.

Using Wittgensteinian logic we can see that my hypothetical crime and Hillary Clinton's actual crimes are exactly the same thing (Notice the FBI did not say no laws were broken but rather there was no intent.) If one is prosecuted the other should be too and if one is excused then the other should be too. This is true regardless of your political affiliation.

Either the rule of law has just been perverted though political corruption or there are two sets of laws, one for most people and another for high level politicians. Neither of these is a good thing.

If you disagree with my conclusion you are a fool or a fascist. The rule of law has just been destroyed in the US by the FBI. If you support Hillary Clinton you are supporting fascism and tyranny.