Thursday, January 31, 2008

He should drive a mini-bus (Long and Rambling Post)

So, steal a lot of money in Macao and go to jail for 27 years. Kill a little girl through reckless driving in Hong Kong and go to jail for 4 months.

Hmmmm; it makes me wonder what would happen if a minibus driver stole 10 million and a government official killed a little girl?

The justice system in Hong Kong is simply broken. We need to replace every judge. If we can't do that then we need some mandatory sentencing for crimes like murder or manslaughter (Which is what this was) and negligent homicide. But, I'd really like to fire every judge in Hong Kong, revoke any pensions they might have and make them move their sorry butts back to the UK.

Speaking of the UK did anyone but me see the story of the blogger there that is under threat of arrest for complaining that the UK is letting proven terrorist into the country to preach in a London Mosque? Honestly, some might find this guy a bit over the edge; but I don't see that he is saying anything that is deserving of jail or even arrest. People of all political stripes say much more controversial things in other countries all the time. Especially since what he is saying is more or less true.

The concept of free speech is an important one to me but then I was born in the US not Europe. I can't see that he is that far out of line. It also seems to me that there is some differential enforcement going on here. Why do they arrest him for saying an Imam who advocates suicide bombers is a terrorist and not the people who called George W. Bush the heir to Hitler? Does the UK government not think that at least some Americans might be really offended by that? I'm not Mr. Bush's biggest fan but I certainly find the comments made about the US, most of which by the way are nearly completely false, by many UK citizens to be highly offensive. Why don't they worry about offending me or my religion? After all, If the average American is really the knuckle dragging Neanderthal that the Manchester Guardian makes us out to be you'd think they'd be afraid to offend us for the same reason they are afraid offending Muslims. Maybe a few Americans need to start calling for a holy war against Europe.

Nuke 'em 'til they glow! Or better yet, move there and take over the place. Turn it into "Eurmerica." Now there is an idea that's time has come!

"Eurmerica" is a concept whose time has come. Then Anti-Americanism would be a hate crime and US citizens could freely immigrate to countries like the UK and begin agitating for American law, American foods and American culture to be enforced as a sacred part of our culture. Actually that might be a good thing.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A clarification

I had a comment from an anonymous reader complaining about my last post. he/she/it/they seemed to think that I was wanting to punish the school leavers. Actually nothing could be farther from the truth. But, when I reread my post I kind of see what they meant. I did come across as harsh. Indeed, I was trying to be harsh but my harshness was directed at the ERB and its nearly useless legion of social workers not the people they they spend millions on not helping. I didn't state my point as clearly as I could of. I was simply trying to say that there are better ways of helping dropouts than teaching them how to be a foot massage therapist.

I believe that many of the school leavers, and if you don't think that such people are destined to be loser, thugs and welfare slackers for the most part I'm sorry, would benefit from being part of an organization that allows them to gain some direction in their lives. The military has, in many countries been a major way that children of the poor or disadvantaged acquired the skills and social status to move out of poverty. That Hong Kong does not have a military means that the poor here are denied one of the best ways that the poor in other nations have of escaping poverty. At worst it would get these kids off the street for 6 years and give them something useful to do.

Military organizations are much more than people with guns. For every soldier that is in a combat unit there is at least one more in a support role behind the lines, sometimes more.

Here are some of the careers that someone could receive training for in a military unit.

Pilots (Helicopter and fixed wing)
Mechanic (Diesel, aircraft, automotive)
Logistics (Warehouses, inventory control, accounting, purchasing)
Administration (office skills, supervising, organization, communication, computer systems)
Food Service (cooking preparing service, environmental hygiene)
Medical (EMT, Nursing, Doctors, and other areas of health care)
Weapons training (Useful for becoming a police office after military service is complete.)
Physical conditioning (instills a healthy lifestyle)

Even a light infantry brigade would need all or most of these things.

The men and women that I know who have had some type of military service also have a great deal of self confidence, exhibit professionalism in their demeanor and dress, know how to be team players, how to both follow and give directions and exhibit a great deal of reliability. In other words, they make good employees and even better citizens.

Now, compare that list of attributes and skills to what the ERB is offering?

Which would help more people? Which would provide employers with better employees? Given the huge, immoral salaries of the bureaucrats in Hong Kong which would be a better use of money?

Oh yeah, one more thing. One of my pet gripes is people who are not grateful for what they have. I get tired of hearing and reading about young people, who are by the standards of many places in the world wealthy complain about how life is so tough for them. There really isn't any poverty in Hong Kong; nobody here starves. Even the poor have enough to eat. Sending a plane load or two of complainers off to Ethiopia to guard people who are starving and need protecting from Arab slave traders might make an impression on these kids that needs to be made. They might realize that they didn't have it so bad.

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Fai Mao
The Blogger who believes it would do most teenagers good to march through the mud for about four years

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hong Kong Needs an Army

Hong Kong maintains something called the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) which is sort of a semi-governmental organization that was, I think first set up several years ago to help uneducated former factory workers make the arduous transition into new careers as security guards and convenience store clerks. That mission was achieved, I guess sometime ago to a resounding yawn of applause.

While not officially a part of the government the ERB does receive a huge pile of money from the government from the tax on domestic helper's wages. The weasels who control that money, quite understandably don't want to see their cushy, immorally high paid jobs come to an end. Talk about corruption. The government collects a tax and then hands it over to retired civil servants who then spend most of it on their own salaries while collecting a pension that is already many times the average income and spend the rest on salaries of professional do-gooders with social work degrees from HKU. As far as I know, there is no oversight on how this money is spent or any accountability as to whether the ERB actually accomplishes anything.

said that the major purpose of any government is to perpetuate itself. This organization has just proved him correct because they've just expanded their client pool by announcing that they are going to start retraining 15 year old school dropouts since the out of work factory workers have moved on or died off. Excuse me, how can you "retrain" a 15 year old? I am assuming that the ERB isn't talking about potty training. These little punks don't need retaining. They need to get a life.

These are punks, probably drug users who dropped out of school to play mahjong when they were 14, worked in a dai-pai dong until they were 18 (the ambitious ones anyway the others played video games or sprayed graffiti under bridges) and then complain that they have no career opportunities when they are 20. No fake! And now I am supposed to pay a tax for retraining these little creeps?

I have an idea.

The government should start a military unit and put these little slackers in it. Any brat who drops out of school before form 5 or who gets 6 zeros on the HKCEE and has an IQ over 85 should be required to spend the next 6 years in the HK military. Once they get trained up then the HK government could volunteer them for duty as peace keepers in a UN force, perhaps in East Timor or Darfur. Hey, HK could even join the war on terror and send them to Iraq. Assuming they survive after 6 years of military service they'd be mustered out having learned to read, bathe and gained a job skill of some sort depending upon their assignment. More than that, the percentage of thugs who drop out of school would plummet to nearly zero.

I'd even be willing to have my tax dollars to pay for their unit tattoos.

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Fai Mao
The Blogger who thinks every child should learn to march

Holland: Likely to Be the Next Target of Islamist Rage

I want to see this movie

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Of Cavemen, Spirinters, Rocketships and Nationalism

I find it odd how the Chinese seem to have an overwhelming desire to be able to trace every aspect of human history back to China. Every invention, every political, philosophic or political thought simply has to have been at least foreshadowed in China a thousand years before anybody else thought of it. I must admit that I don't really like racial interpretations of history or ideological ones either and it appears to me that often times the Chinese engage in a well stirred blend of both.

They've found a fossil of a caveman this week that is a prime example. It is supposedly 100,000 years old and according to the local news reports shows that ancient humans where in China long before anyone in the West thought they were. In other words, though not stated as such, everything started in China. They wouldn't care if this thing had been found in Canada. It might make a short blurb on the "Culture Express" program on CCTV9 but nothing more. But, because it was found in China it is all over the news. You'd think they'd found the signature of Slartybarfast on a rock and that it was in Chinese.

The manufactured excitement over the Beijing Olympics is also somewhat scary to me. I really wonder about people whose national identity is so shallow or fragile that they feel they must prove their national manhood by winning more medals than anybody else. I would expect wealthy nations with relatively large populations to do better in a setting like the Olympics than a poor and corrupt country like Chad or the UK. Make no mistake, China is a nation that is both wealthy and populous. They should, therefore, win their fair percentage of medals at the Olympics. But the Chinese I've talked to and those they quote on TV seem to want Chinese to finish with the top three spots in every sport to prove how superior China is to the rest of the world. "Zek Heil" anyone?

I lived in the US during the Atalanta, Lake Placid, LA and Salt Lake City games. I don't remember 30 minute TV mini-series on the Olympics airing every night after the news.

If I were the IOC I'd make every Chinese athlete pee into a cup three times a day and draw blood as well from now until after the Olympics and do a complete test for steroids or banned substances in every sample. Otherwise they could just ask those women divers on the Chinese team why they suddenly have all that hair on their legs and have started growing hooves, horns and tails and going "mooooo" when they pass a bale of hay. Herbal supplements? Yeah right.

Then there is the Chinese space program. Why are they so proud of it? The PRC is doing things that the US and USSR did nearly 50 years ago. You'd think they'd be embarrassed rather than proud. Especially since they didn't even do it by themselves. They simply photocopied the blueprints of old Soviet rockets.

I don't know. I feel that patriotism is a good thing generally. It is also true that the last refuge of scoundrels is patriotism. Too often those who are not scoundrels go along with the scoundrels for personal gain, out of complacency or out of fear. I think that the patriotic Chinese need to rid themselves of more than a few scoundrels in their government. It is time that the Chinese become able to separate themselves from their history and be able to look at their national flaws as well as their virtues. But that would require an amount of honesty and freedom that isn't present in China. Not yet anyway; maybe soon.

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Fai Mao
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nina Wong's Husband Found Alive!!!!

He is living on Mars.

The link above takes you to a photo!

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Fai Mao
The Blogger who doesn't believe in space aliens

Missing cat found in Owner's Suitcase

This is CBS, so I'm not sure it is a credible news source.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Shame on the Media

The link above is to an article by the blogger Iowa Hawk and it satirical in nature but deals with a serious subject, media bias. There have been a whole raft of articles in recent days about the level of violent behavior exhibited by US military personnel returning from Iraq. The reality is that returning military personnel are LESS likely to be criminals than the population at large.

Journalist who are generally the stupidest of the stupid and come from non-military families don't believe this because it doesn't fit into their preconceived prejudices. Indeed, as Iowa Hawk points out so well journalist are more dangerous than returning military.

Like most prejudice this one is wrong.

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Fai mao
The Blogger who comes from a military family

Friday, January 18, 2008

Criminal German teenager sent to Siberia

Oh boy doesn't this look like a good thing!

Hong Kong ought to do this to that creep named Karsen or Karen that is slapping their name in graffiti all over Causeway Bay.

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Fai Mao
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shanghai residents protest maglev train

I've been to Shanghai. It is so dirty and so polluted that I am amazed everyone there doesn't die of some dread disease by the time they are 35. I guess all those cigarettes protect them from the other air pollutants. It just seems to be a strange thing to get worked up about. But then these are the same people that call a Feng Shui master to tell them how far to open their windows.

Kind of reminds me of the chief justice in Hong Kong complaining yesterday that there has been too much public criticism of the amount of leeway given to judges in sentencing criminals here. (This has been a recurring theme on this blog and I have emailed every post to his office. I wonder if he read them?) He seems to think that judges are some sort of special persons whose opinions and work are above question. So, I guess that sentencing one man to years in jail for killing a cat and another to community service for running over two old people makes perfect sense to ho him.

This is a soapbox I've been preaching on for sometime. The justice system here isn't a justice system at all. When child molesters rape 10 or 12 little girls and receives about 18 months on average for each rape and a reckless driver almost no jail time for killing a cyclist in the regional triathlons then justice isn't served. I find it amazing that he can't see the problems with his own judges.

I wish that he would see the need for mandatory sentencing

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Things from home

The link above is an article about the needs and desires that Roman legions expressed in letters home.

It is amazing to me how much somethings stay the same. I've been in Hong Kong a long time but there are still many things that I wish to bring back with me when I visit the US.

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Fai Mao
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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hey Ho, Hey Ho

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Spring Semester so I go back to work.

I am not by training, personality or desire a natural teacher though I have through effort and diligence become at least acceptable in the job. Indeed, I've come to really enjoy it in many ways but I did have to make an effort to do so. I guess it is sort of like learning to eat all those bitter, stringy, green leafy Chinese vegetables my really smart-good looking-hard working- looks twenty-five years young than she is wife introduced me to when we were first dating. I choked them down for several months before I got to the point where I could tell one from the other and for a couple of years before I actually came to like any of them. Now I actually look for my favorites in the wet-market.

I do like the holidays that teachers get. They are probably the my favorite part of the job. Wow!

Two and a half weeks at Christmas and New Year.

Twelve weeks or so in the summer!

Plus Spring Break.

Plus assorted other official holidays like Ching Ming and Buddha's Birthday and that many people do not get.

That has to be worth quite a bit as a benefit.

But now it is time get that nose back to grindstone.

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Fai Mao
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How much would

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Just when you thought it couldn't get any stranger.

Maybe they should have placed them in a big jar and urinated on them

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Auld Lang Syne?

I hope that my few faithful readers will have a good year.

In the twisted sense of my Hong Kong Christmas Carols here is one for the up coming New Year. I will probably revise this a bit so the chorus is a bit different every time

By the way. I make neither apology or excuse for my apparent hypocrisy in posting what may be seen as mean spirited social or political parodies on one day and peaceful religious meditations the next. It is just me.

To the tune (sort of) of Auld Lang Syne

Should old relatives be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should old classmates be ignored
Because they didn't pass the HKCEE?

For the DAB's Ma Lik,
And Nina Wong
We will take a cup of finest cheer!
Neither will be mourned

We all have run about after a bus
And pulled the muscles fine,
But we also rode the KCR
Even though it was the very last time.

For the DAB's Ma Lik
And Nina Wong
We wll take a cup of finest cheer!
Neither will we mourn

We two have Coughed in the street
From noon until dinner time,
From air so thick it looks like smoke
And hides the whole skyline

For the DAB's Ma Lik
And Nina Wong
we wll take a cup of finest cheer!
Neither will we mourn

And there is a place called Tin Shui Wai
There you can live without hope
Or if you cannot find a job
Then maybe try and learn to fly.

For the DAB's Ma Lik
And Nina Wong
We will take a cup of finest cheer
Neither will we mourn

And surely you will pay for your pint,
And surely I will pay for mine!
For they lowered the tax on beer!
For all us old drunks!

For the DAB's Ma Lik
And Nina Wong
We will take a cup of finest cheer
Neither will we mourn

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Blogger who really isn't a good song writer