Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hey Ho, Hey Ho

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Spring Semester so I go back to work.

I am not by training, personality or desire a natural teacher though I have through effort and diligence become at least acceptable in the job. Indeed, I've come to really enjoy it in many ways but I did have to make an effort to do so. I guess it is sort of like learning to eat all those bitter, stringy, green leafy Chinese vegetables my really smart-good looking-hard working- looks twenty-five years young than she is wife introduced me to when we were first dating. I choked them down for several months before I got to the point where I could tell one from the other and for a couple of years before I actually came to like any of them. Now I actually look for my favorites in the wet-market.

I do like the holidays that teachers get. They are probably the my favorite part of the job. Wow!

Two and a half weeks at Christmas and New Year.

Twelve weeks or so in the summer!

Plus Spring Break.

Plus assorted other official holidays like Ching Ming and Buddha's Birthday and that many people do not get.

That has to be worth quite a bit as a benefit.

But now it is time get that nose back to grindstone.

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Blogger who isn't as lazy as this post makes him sound.

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