Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Snicker, Snicker, Snicker

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Strong Monsoon Warning

Hong Kong is currently under a "Strong Monsoon Warning" what that means is that we will have very strong winds and lots of rain. At least that is the forecast. However, since it comes from the land and not the sea it isn't a typhoon and I won't get a day off to play computer games.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chinese New Year

I made a long post about a Chinese New Year last year. The sentiment is the same. So, I am going to post a link and let you substitute the word "Pig" for "Dog"

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High Maintenance Bitch

What I find interesting about this controversy is that the word "bitch" is a proper term for a female dog. Originally it was neither profane or vulgar and the way that the shop has used a term that has slide through misuse into the realm of course vulgarity is legitimately funny.

The woman who complains in this article about how to explain the shop name to her children should be bitch slapped. Just tell the little puppies the truth.

Here is how the dialog would go:

Child: "Mommy, isn't that a dirty word?"
Mommy: Yes and no dearest, the word "bitch" is the proper name for a female dog and a "High Maintenance Bitch is one that requires lots grooming; but some people compare women who wear lots of makeup to fancy female dogs."
Child: "But it isn't nice to call people dogs is it?"
Mommy: "No dear, but it is OK to call a dog a dog."
Child: "So what should we call a woman who wears too much makeup?"
Mommy: "A Nina Wong"
Child: "But I thought that was what you call women who hires men to murder her husband so that she can steal his money?"
Mommy: "Well dear, that was never proved in court so we can't say it; can we?"
Child: "OK mommy, I understand"
Mommy: Good dear, I'm glad."
Child: "Mommy?
Mommy: "What dear?"
Child: "Are we there yet?"

Geez, some people will just bitch and moan about anything.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

China sentences man to death in ant case

What more can said about this than has been said?
Seems like the punishment is a bit severe!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

A man after my own heart

This guy was out of line and should have known better than to do this. However, I understand the sentiment

At this point he should look on the bright side. He is going to get a view of the Philippines that very few tourist see!

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Thai woman tells of 25-year detour after catching wrong bus

I am surprised that this doesn't happen in Hong Kong

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These emails speak for themselves. I think it may be time I switch over to a Linux operating system even if that means not being able to play my games. I had to remove the Java Script from the emails but otherwise the only thing I have changed is to delete my real name and email address.

Please remember that because we are on opposite ends of the International Date line my today is their Yesterday. Otherwise the dates do not match up

First Message #1 to Microsoft

Three weeks ago my copy of XP developed a glitch and would not boot. I formatted the hard drive and reinstalled Windows. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my legal copy of Windows could not be validated. I called the HK number and received a validation number and it worked but then the SP2 didn't load correctly and I had to reload Windows again. Because it was new installation there was no recovery point.

I replace my computer every 18 months. Indeed, I custom build my computer to be sure I get the components that I want and because in Hong Kong that type of system can be had at a competitive price. When I replace the computer I format the drive on the old one. Thus, nobody has an old copy of my XP. Indeed, I have two legal copies of XP one for my computer and one for the kid's computer.

I find it offensive that I am assumed to be a law breaker when I am simply trying to use the product correctly. I refuse to purchase another validation even though the call in Hong Kong is not expensive. (It should be free!) The problems with XP are not my fault. (It actually is expensive compared to the cost of the Windows XP but I was trying to be polite)

I need a validation number. I'm not going to call, you are going to send it to me via email. You are not going to charge me for it. Indeed, I would hope that that you would give me a number that works more than once so that if the SP2 again fails to install properly I won't have to write another letter.

Better yet, you could and if you were concerned about your customers would, send me a new copy of XP but I won't hold my breath; I don't look good in blue.

The product key is


You may email me at:

Please enter "Windows Product codes" Subject box

Comment: Note that I've already paid to gain another activation code that only worked once.

Microsoft's 1st Reply

From: "Microsoft Contact US"
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2007 18:59:50 -0800
Subject: RE:'RTCProd=014-374-495'

Hello (Name is spelled wrong)

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online Customer Service.

I understand that you are unable to install SP2 and validate your Windows XP. I realize the importance of your concern.

Please note, if you are seeking assistance with a Microsoft product that was purchased outside of North America, you may wish to contact your local subsidiary directly for assistance. Our Support Professionals are only trained to troubleshoot issues with North American versions of our products whereas the Support Professionals at the local Microsoft subsidiaries are trained to troubleshoot issues with localized versions of our software and can assist you in your own language. (I have added highlights)

Please contact the Microsoft subsidiary in Hong Kong SAR at +(852) 2804-4200 or you may visit the following website:

I hope that your issue gets resolved soon.

Thank you for using Microsoft Products and Services.


Microsoft Online Customer Service Representative

If you have any feedback about your Online Customer Service experience, please submit your feedback by visiting the web link provided below:;en;1389&showpage=1&WS=managermail

Comment: The link to the Microsoft Hong Kong web page does not come up when you access the the Microsoft web page. They only give you a phone number that charges you a whopping $450.00 Hong Kong dollars a call for a program that cost $720.00 dollars.

As will become obvious in the next reply despite the somewhat unusual Indian name this is probably a form letter generated by a computer or that the rep has on file and simply fills in the blanks.

Note as well that they did not follow my instruction as to what to put in the subject box either.

Lastly does anything in my email suggest I need or want to speak to someone in Chinese?

Anyway, I emailed Microsoft Hong Kong and received no reply. However I did send a reply email to the US office and this is what I received

My Reply

Your reps need to actually READ MY COMPLAINT!

Look at my last name; look at my writing. Does it look to you like I need to talk to someone in Chinese?

Microsoft's 2nd Reply

Date: 02/08/2007 05:29 PM

Subject: RE:'RTCProd=014-382-347'

Hello Dr. (My first name misspelled)

I appreciate that you have taken the time to provide us with this valuable feedback.

As one of our valued customers, your satisfaction is one of our primary concerns. We take our customers' feedback very seriously. We appreciate you taking the time to forward your thoughts to us. Continue to send us your feedback and suggestions. Your comments help us to provide the most useful experience possible.

I also suggest that you provide your feedback in the following page:;en;1208

This site is for ideas on new or improved features and services that you would like to see added and ways to make Microsoft products easier. Your suggestions are always welcome there.

We immensely value our relationship and your satisfaction. If you have any other questions regarding your Microsoft product and services, please do write back to us and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


Microsoft Online Customer Service

Comments: By this time, I had begun to develop some unique suggestions about products and services that Microsoft could provide and where they could keep them!

My Reply

Date: Wednesday, February 07, 2007 07:44 PM
To: Microsoft Contact US (
Subject: RE:

You still didn't read my email. Please do so. It is still listed below.

Look at my original complaint. I am not going to contact the local number because I already have. You will give an activation for free via email or I will simply not use your products.

Microsoft's 3rd Reply

From: "Microsoft Contact US" To:
02/09/2007 02:02 AM

Subject: RE:'RTCProd=014-374-495'

Hello (Name spelled correctly),

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online Customer Service.

I appreciate you for the time taken to write back to us. I realize the importance of your concern and will assist you in reaching the appropriate resource.

Please be informed that, at this time our Support Professionals are only trained to troubleshoot issues with North American versions of our products whereas the Support Professionals at the local Microsoft subsidiaries are trained to troubleshoot issues with localized versions of our software.

From the information you have provided in your message, I found that you are located in Hongkong. If you have purchased the Microsoft product in Hongkong, your best resource for support is the Microsoft Hongkong subsidiary.

There are significant programming differences between North America and localized versions of software. You will be best assisted by the subsidiary that specializes in the version.

(Misspelled Name), you can contact them at this number +(852) 2804-4200 or visit the following link to locate contact information for the Hongkong subsidiary:

I hope your issue is resolved soon and appreciate your patience in this regard.

Thank you for using Microsoft Products and Services.


Microsoft Online Customer Service Representative

If you have any feedback about your Online Customer Service experience, please submit your feedback by visiting the weblink provided below:;en;1389&showpage=1&WS=managermail

My Reply

The Hong Kong service center did not answer my email.

I am aware of the number you gave me but I refuse to pay another HKD $450.00 for service even though this problem is not my fault. I'm sorry. I am not going to do that.

As to differences in an operating system between Asia and North America I can't see how that applies since all I need is a validation code.

I will at this point probably find another operating system.

Do you people even read my emails?

I wish I could say thank you for your help. I can't

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

China's Gun Toting Tribe


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The perils of Jihad

By Comedian Steve Martin.
Probably to blue for some readers.

My dirty mind strikes again

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Monday, February 05, 2007


I have had a fascination for mass murderers since I was child and found out that we lived just a couple of streets over from Tex Watson's parents.

When I was in college I worked at a budget motel where Henry Lee Lucas was arrested. indeed, I checked him into the motel. Let me tell you, he was scary piece of work and nobody there was surprised when he was arrested.


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Friday, February 02, 2007

Effort to block Hooters backfires

For those of you from places where "Hooters" isn't the waitresses in this chain wear skin tight very short, hip-hugger shorts and t-shirts that are about 3 sizes to small. They don't hire waiters and they don't hire girls who wear less than a "D" cup bra. However, they will hire girls who don't wear bras

I used to go there for the food.

From the article
"Critics are concerned that the restaurants’ scantily clad servers don’t fit the image the city seeks to project in its Big Beaver commercial district. Fleming said officials are trying to make the area a “world-class corridor.”

If you don't the joke I don't know that I could explain it

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Eagles may have new album soon

How cool is this?

We'll have to wait and see.


If Rock & Roll is the music of protest then what do the children of Rockers listen too when they want to protest what their parents listen too?

Maybe that explains Harry Connick and Michael Buble

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