Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

I think that dog would have been given a license in Hong Kong. He could even earn a living driving a minibus

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Funny in an Ironic Way

The Link above is what you get when you click on the page for information on "Victims of Violent Crime" at the Hong Kong Department of Justice

It figures

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What More Can Be Said?

Yet another egregious judicial decision last Friday by a Hong Kong judge.

A group of young men captured a young girl in 2004, tied her up, beat her and sexually assaulted her over a span of two days before she died

The longest sentence given to any of these perverted reprobates was nine years in prison. One of these sub-human, throwback (I used in the old social Darwinist term on purpose as it is the most insulting term that applies to them) monsters received only a three month probation.

This is the third judge in a two week span to give incredibly lenient sentences to perpetrators of brutal crimes.

Hong Kong currently has a very low crime rate. It is a safe place. However, if the non-justice system keeps doing this then Hong Kong will not remain a safe place for long.

Look at what is happening in the UK . Not only the burglary but violent crime is on the rise. Hong Kong judiciaries were trained in the UK and evidently have the same flawed understanding of the law not to mention human nature. We are in trouble if we do not remove these idiots from the bench.

Do these judges actually think that the Triads haven't noticed this? Watch; it will not be long before the Triads start having 14 or 15 year olds murder rivals because a teenager will be able to get off with probation. I'd be surprized if it hasn't happened already.

Yep, the crime rate for violent crimes in Hong Kong is now officially on the way up. It gets worse. In Hong Kong you can't even defend yourself, it is like the UK because you can't own a weapon to protect yourself. If you strike back at an agressor you are often charged with a crime. Part of the bargin that gun control advocates claim to make with the population is that you don't need to protect yourself because the government will do it for you. What happens if the state doesn't protect you but doesn't let you protect yourself? Hong Kong may be about to find out.

Now that the state has stopped protecting the citizens it could get bad fast.

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Fai Mao
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Friday, August 25, 2006


Jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson died today or yesterday depending on which side of the date line you are on.

I know that nobody lives forever but, aren't there just some people you wish could?

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lurking and Posting

Some unidentified person left comment correcting something I'd said about the man arrested in the Jon Bennet Ramsey murder. The correction doesn't really change the thrust of the post but it does make me more believable if I have facts straight.

Thank you Madam/Sir whoever you are. Please come again.

I do wish people would leave a name or place.

Unlike a newspaper reporter I don't think I'm infallible. I'm not going to give anyone a written slap down if I can avoid it. If I think I've gotten a reply by a crank, I'll probably just delete the comment and move on. I've had a couple of rather strident replies over the years I've been doing this and I've always tried to be polite when replying. Which doesn't mean that I don't try and defend my position if I think I'm right.

I'm always appreciative when people take time to respond; even if I disagree with them.

I think the ability to have people with more knowledge than I in certain subjects offer corrections is one of the great things about blogs. (In this case the person had probably read more recent news reports.) This is important because words have consequences. What I say affects or possibly affects what others do. Thus, it is important that I have my facts straight.

One of the false defenses sometimes used against censorship (as opposed to those that are valid) is that "It is just a book or just an opinion or just art and doesn't affect anybody" Well, it is my hope that when I write something that it affects those who read it. Indeed, I cannot imagine any artist saying this. Yet, I've heard this many times in discussions on censorship.

Why would I go to the trouble to write long angry essay about what I perceive as problems with the justice system in Hong Kong if I didn't think that I could either change someone's mind, alert them to a problem, or let them know that there are others who agree or disagree with them?

In a broader sense, if art has no affect or effect on us then why do we do it? Even if that effect is only to bring us pleasure or enjoyment. In my case, I am hoping that people enjoy my opinions. I hope that they find me funny or insightful or intelligent or to at least be saying something in an entertaining way. I think that my post, or essays are a form of art. I may not be a very good artist but I don't think my writing is valueless. What I say here has the potential to affect people and have an effect in their lives.

Anyway, I ramble.

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Fai Mao
The Blogger Who is Probably Not Really A Very Good Artist

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another Evil Hong Kong Judge

It seems that bad judicial decisions are becoming as common in Hong Kong as raunchy T-Shirts.

Yesterday a female Hong Kong judge with the surname of Poon gave a sentence to a man that was breath-taking in its calloused disregard for the damage inflicted upon the victims. It was also stunning in its misidentification with the plight of the criminal and in putting the rights of a criminal over the greater good of society and the welfare of the victims of violent crime.

A 42 year-old man was given eight years for molesting at least 12 children. What’s that work out to, 9 months per rape? Assuming, of course that the only raped each child once.

After the creep is released he will have to undergo therapy.

This was not justice. It was a miscarriage of justice. I do not care that he pleaded guilty. I don’t care that after he was caught he confessed. This man raped 12 little girls.

To make matters worse the judge was quoted as saying that she was surprised to know that parents would let children as young as nine go to the park by them selves. Perhaps I misunderstood but it appears to me that she is, in part blaming the parents for the allowing a pedophile to attack their children. I guess she doesn’t realize that not everyone here can afford to hire two Filipino or Indonesian helpers per child as babysitters, tutors and substitute parents so that like her the parent can go to work and meditate upon the arcane and ancient craft of law.

What a travesty

What a farce.

What an incompetent human sack of shit

Judge Poon should retire to her 3rd or 4th house in London or the South of France and drink white wine in garden with her other rich and benighted friends.

This man ruined at least 12 children’s live. He has traumatized whole families for many years to come. He has committed a crime that many, if not most people feel is more heinous than murder. He did not commit the crime once but many times. This man is a monster. That he received a term of incarceration of only eight years for these crimes should be staggering to anyone who believe that society has a right to be protected from such people and that government has the responsibility to keep such people off the streets.

A few facts that judge Poon could have looked up if she had chosen to do so:

Child molesters have the highest recidivism rates of all criminals. Once they start they can’t stop.

Therapy and counseling are seldom helpful in such cases.

Societies have basically three choices with this type of criminal. They can locked them up forever; They can be executed; or possibly electronically tracked. The last option is not appropriate for Hong Kong. Where can one live in Hong Kong where you are less than 500 feet from a school or pre-school? The GPS devices used in the US and Canada would not be of much help here.

The only hope that justice will be served in this case is that molesters are not very popular in prison. One, Jeffery Dahmer was put back into the general population several years ago in the US state of Ohio. The other prisoners killed him. Maybe the prisoners in Stanley prison will be so just and rid Hong Kong of this monster.

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Fai Mao
The Blogger Who Thinks that Hong Judges Are a Criminals’ Best Friend

Friday, August 18, 2006

Is My Bicycle Worth More Than My Life?

Last November a cyclist was killed during the bicycling section of the Hong Kong Triathlon series by a Mini-Bus driver who was driving recklessly. I find it amazing that the roads were closed to private cars but open to these hellishly bad drivers. What a dangerous situation. What was worse I was at the race. It could have been me who was hit.

Yesterday the driver of the mini-bus who was speeding, by some reports talking on his cell-phone and in the wrong lane while passing around a blind curve was sentenced to 5 months in jail. His license was revoked for two years.

What an absolute travesty

What a farce

What kind of idiots does Hong Kong allow to become judges?

Considering that the bicycles ridden by triathletes can cost upwards of HKD $60,000 it is possible that the mini-bus driver will lose less money in lost wages than the man he MURDERED had invested in his bicycle.

I realize that putting the human sack of shit driver in one of Hong Kong's cushy prisons isn't going to bring the man he killed back. But, it might make other drivers think a little before they pass around blind curves and engage in all the other incredibly dangerous stunts that they pull in traffic.

The human sack of shit judge commented upon how the driver was actually a man of good character and showed true remorse and all the other tripe and swill that judges who lose sight of the victim and the damage done to the victims families spout as excuses for their cowardice in not handing down a just and equitable judgment.

If this driver was a man of good character he would not have been in the wrong lane, speeding or illegaly passing on a blind curve. He would have been concerned enough about the people in his bus and on the bicycles around him that he would not have taken the deliberate actions that caused this accident.

What this judge has actually just done is allow mini-bus drivers to run over cyclist and pedestrians at will. After all, even if they kill someone the worst they'll get is five months in a minimum security lockup.

Conversely, anyone wishing to murder someone simply needs to run over them while driving a mini-bus.

Can any other conclusion be drawn from this verdict?

I think that as of today, as a pedestrian, cyclist and concerned citizen I am going to refuse to ride a mini-bus. They are dangerous; often poorly maintained, at times overloaded and the drivers negligent of basic traffic laws such as speed limits, traffic lights and stop signs. They should outlawed. Just get them off the streets.

The judge who handed this decision down should be impeached. Indeed, if he/she/it is indicative of all the judges in Hong Kong then they should all be replaced.

I'm sorry, if this is justice in Hong Kong then Hong Kong is not a civilized place. If the judge that handed down this decision believes he was being civil, just or enlightened he/she/it should think again.

Cretins, Philistines, Dunciads in robes - It doesn't take much intelligence to see that in this case, justice was not served. It wasn't even thought about.

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Fai Mao
The Blogger who believes in the Idea of Just Punishment More than the Hong Kong Judges

Of Walking and Picnics

I was slightly surprised and encouraged last night because according to TVB the government has put forward a proposal to relieve the congestion in Causeway Bay. What's more, the proposal actually makes sense and would be started and completed before June of 3006.

They want to connect the Sogo Department store with the Hennessey Center across the street with a 50 meter wide subterranean pedestrian tunnel. They also want to widen the sidewalks above ground and limit motorized traffic. I'm not sure how they plan to limit motorized traffic but it is something that needs to be done. My guess is that in part, what would happen is that there would be fewer places to exit the road and that there would also be no street level pedestrian crossings. That might actually help quite a bit.

Here is the question that they didn't address. If they make the sidewalks wider and have a covered, therefore dry subterranean walkway, how are they going to control the masses of domestic helpers who use the streets for picnics on weekends?

Is this underground walk-way going to become an underground picnics area from 7:00AM until 10:00PM every Sunday?

Don't get me wrong, I have some sympathy for the helpers who don't really have many options for things to do on a day off. However, the all day sidewalk picnics in Causeway bay are already a major source of congestion. Not to mention the amount of trash and litter they leave behind every week has sanitation crews working all night to clean Victoria park and the surrounding streets.

These picnics are also, I believe a major source of ill will between the helpers and the locals. Once setup the picnickers won't move an inch and often take up all but the narrowest of lanes down the center of the sidewalk. Some of the groups of helpers can actually be somewhat intimidating when they get their Islamic chants going in rhythm with a big drum.

I'm sure that the local businesses have lost customers each Sunday because people don't want to walk over several 1000 Indonesian and Filipinos to get to the store.

A 50 meter wide tunnel and more trees would, it seems to me, only exacerbate this problem unless there a strictly enforced "No Picnicking" policy.

I don't know that there are any good solutions to this problem. However, while I have some sympathy for the helpers I do think that the congestion on the week-end in Causeway Bay could be controlled by simply enforcing loitering laws. In some respects it is too easy for the maids to set up their picnics on the sidewalk. If they were ticketed then they would find somewhere else to go.

Perhaps they might find several somewhere else's which would spread the congestion out and make it less obvious. Perhaps, a charitable group like the Jockey club for example could open the infield of the Happy valley Race Track on days when there is no racing That would be a place that is easy to get to, is safe and has access to toilets and water.

Anyway, I don't think they will solve the congestion problem until they solve the Sunday-sidewalk-picnics problem

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Non-Picnicing Blogger

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The evil that lurks in the hearts of men

There is an article in the news this morning that says that police in Thailand have arrested a man in connection with the murder of Jon Bennet Ramsey who was killed in Denver about 15 years ago.

This was a horrific murder and because her parents were somewhat quirky, newly-rich with a rather extravagant lifestyle, they were the prime suspect for many years. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The parents were all but tried and convicted of murdering their child in the papers and on television. Like O.J. Simpson they've maintained their innocence all along. Unlike O.J. Simpson it now appears that they are not guilty as Hell but were quite possibly wrongly accused.

The guy who has confessed to this is being held in a Thailand prison. (He is now back in the US (Aug 25) He is a second grade teacher from the US state of Georgia. It seems that education is a magnet along with church youth workers for Pedophiles. Bangkok is where these guys go for a good time with 10 or 12 year-old girls or boys. It makes me wonder if Jon Bennet was the only little girl he molested and killed.

It makes me wonder if schools should require male teachers to be married. I'm not sure that would always work. One of the best elementary school teachers I have ever met was a single man. He was not and is not a child molester. Thus many kids would have missed out on a wonderful educational experience if Gregg hadn't been allowed to teach. Also, there is nothing to say that pedophiles can't be married.

As someone in education it is hard call. I'm not sure there is a good answer.

At any rate, it is good to see a case like this finally solved. If I were the US government, I'd be tempted to refuse extradition. Let this guy spend the rest of his life in Thai prison. Pedophile are among the offenders who are least likely to be rehabilitated. Lock him up, throw away the key and remind him not to bend over to pick up his soap in the shower. Maybe a little of the horror he has inflicted upon little girls (and boys?) can be repaid to him.

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Fai Mao
The Blogger Who Doesn't Have Much Mercy for Paedophiles

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another T-Shirt

A 30-something Chinese woman was on the bus this morning

Her shirt said

"I've got rubber nipples"

It had a picture of a baby bottle on it but she was obviously unaware of the intent.

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Fai Mao
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Tied up in Knots

I woke up last night with cramps in both calves.

Wow, did that mess up my sleep schedule.

One of the people I work with says that means I need more salt in my diet. I wish that were so. I am not one to deny my self many foods and I think I eat a lot of salt. However, I sweat a lot here because I walk a lot. So, maybe I sweat it all out.

Walking actually helped this morning. The cramps eased up as I walked through the park.

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Fai Mao
The Blogger with painful legs.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Beer and BBQ

The lovely, talented, loving, looks 25 years younger than she is, hardworking and intelligent Chinese wife is in Singapore on business until late this afternoon. So, being all by my lonesome and not wanting to cook, I took a short walk across the street to the Brazilian BBQ in Victoria Park right beside the swimming pool.

What a great place. A really long salad bar with various meats brought to your table by guys from the kitchen for $68.00 (about $7.50 US) and all the beer you can drink for only $16.00 more(About $2.05 US).

I've got to admit that some of the meats they serve are a little on the strange side and look suspiciously more Chinese than South American. Hey-Sirah-Sirah, other than the "Corn Sausage" it's still good. The down side is that they bring out the cheap stuff first so you have to pace yourself a little bit. But, that isn't a bad thing either. If you live in Hong Kong and haven't gone then give it a try. For $58.00 to $98.00 all you can eat (Depending on the time of day and whether you have the BBQ or just the Salad bar) plus an additional $16.00 for the beer or soda it is the best deal in town.

Best of all ...... The place is nearly empty on Sunday afternoons because the locals stay away from Queen Vicky park so that they don't have step over the picnicking domestic helpers. The domestic helpers stay away from this place because they are Indonesian Muslims and don't eat pork!

A few flirty Filipinos helpers were there and some local families but unlike most all-you-can-eat restaurants in Hong Kong this one is relatively quiet and you can focus on packing it away rather than listening to the guy at the next table curse into his cellphone.

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Definitely not a Gormet or Gourmand Blogger

Hong Kong Needs a K-Mart

I was so frustrated yesterday that I could have bit nails and spit tacks.

I was repairing something in our bathroom and needed a tube of silicone sealant or caulk. The stuff is ubiquitous, easy to find and cheap. You can get it everywhere. Well, everywhere except near where I live.

I went to three little shops in the shopping center under our building. I went to the Jusco $10.00 store several blocks away, Pricerite, and the big 24 hour Wellcome Supermarket near Victoria Park. It wasn't there. I also looked at a couple of plumbing fixture places; no luck. This took over an hour because I had to wade through the molasses like crowds that clog the Causeway Bay sidewalks on Saturdays.

The frustrating thing is that if I'm not looking for this stuff I'll see it in about 40 places in an hour. I'll probably find it tomorrow but I wanted it yesterday. That's Hong Kong.

The last place I looked was Ikea. I didn't expect to really find it there but you never know. Ikea is sort of a Swedish Wal-Mart with out the clothing and groceries. They sell furniture, dishes and household decorator items like curtains and bed spreads. They also carry light bulbs and batteries and household electrical supplies so there was chance they'd have caulk or sealer.

I went to Ikea last because Ikea is a store I absolutely hate with a purple passion. I actually like many of their products but the store is laid out in a serpentine fashion that forces you to walk past everything to get to anything. I swear that they read my mind before I go in there because it always seems that whatever I want is the last thing on the last twist of the path. Not that it would make any difference because I'd still have to walk past all the other stuff to check out anyway.

I freely admit I'm a buyer not a shopper.

I want to enter a store that has a high probability of having the item(s) I want at a reasonable price, walk directly to that item or items because there are clear signs that tell where things are and then select the item from the shelf, rack or bin. I then want to pay without standing in line for 45 minute. What I want is a K-Mart or maybe a Target or a Sears in Causeway Bay. I'd say Wal-Mart but then I get lots of weirdo's calling me names.

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Fai Mao
The Buyer Not Shopper Blogger

Saturday, August 12, 2006

On Reason and Hatred

Several days before the arrest of the latest cohort of bombers in London, I was having a discussion with a friend about the motivation(s) of terrorist. His position is that rather than fighting them the West should remove the motivation for making them terrorist. To show them that "We are not a threat." Of all the people that I have talked to on issues like this he is one of the most sincere, logical and rational. He tries very hard to see all sides of issues and is a person that I am glad to know because knowing him makes my life better. It was truly a pleasant talk because we could discuss these things without the acrimony that often accompanies such conversations.

His argument basically boils down to
1. Terrorist feel themselves to be oppressed, disenfranchised or both.

2. Because they are oppressed, disenfranchised or both they are powerless to affect the political process in a normal means or do not trust the normal means for affecting change.

3. Therefore, we will never be rid of terrorism until we solve the underlying problems that cause it.

4. Therefore, it is counter productive to fight terrorism because in fighting it we only exacerbate the problems that cause it.

5. Once you remove the sources of frustration then the few remaining nuts will not be difficult to control.

I understand the sentiment but I have to disagree.

I don't disagree completely because there are some undeniable root problems that many times feeds the despair and rage that some people feel. But, in many cases I think that my friend is injecting reason and logic into an inherently unreasonable and illogical situation. Thus, all of the points above fall because the situation is not reasonable. I do not believe that reason can be used as a weapon against that which is militantly unreasonable. I also do not believe that all evil has inherently economic causes, but that is another post for another time.

When talking about terrorism we are, in general talking about only two groups of people. Islamic jihadist, or political revolutionaries. While individuals in these groups may be disenfranchised, oppressed or both this is not always the case. What is always true is that Jihadist and political revolutionaries are, or at lest their leadership is, generally speaking, "true believers" they aren't in it for the money. They aren't in it to liberate the oppressed, though that might be part of it. They do what they do because they believe in "inevitable rise of socialism" or because they are looking for some form of spiritual enlightenment or salvation through martyrdom. All of the other things they stand for are secondary to the cause of Islam or whatever political "ism" they represent.

These are not necessarily rational or reasonable things. Indeed, if you listen to what Osama bin Ladin has said then Spain would have to be returned to Muslim control and everyone would have to either be a Muslim or become dhimmi living under Sharia law. Is this a reasonable position? No, I do not think so. Especially since if nations would not voluntarily agree to this then they would be overcome by force. When we are dealing with Jihadist we are often time, indeed possibly most of the time talking about people who literally believe one or more of the following: that the Earth is flat; that the throne of Allah is directly over the city of Mecca, which is the actual center of the universe; that Mohammed cut the moon in 1/2 with his sword and then put it back together, that Mohammed preached to Genji's in the desert and that God literally speaks Arabic which is the perfect language. Everything mentioned above is something that is stated in the Quran or Hadith. Jihadist also seem to believe that it is a sin worthy of death to question or not believe anything in the Quran or Hadiths.

Which one of those propositions would the average non-fundamentalist Muslim be willing to hold to as truth; much less a Christian, Buddhist or Hindu? If you think the Bible has problems with science read the Quran!

You cannot compromise with people espousing ideals like this, whether religious or political because they will concede no middle ground. You cannot reason with them because their belief system is not based upon the same set of assumptions as yours but upon an internal logic that only applies to the system. If you don't buy the whole package they will just kill you or enslave you and move on.

The same is true of political revolutionaries from groups such as the "Shining Path"
in Peru. They are, or so they claim, working to bring about a total restructuring of society through armed struggle. That new society would be perfect and free of all the opression of the past one. The problem is, as far as I am concerned, that theirs would be utopia maintained by force and if you are not for them you are against them. If you are against them you are dead.

Does that mean every revolution to overthrow a government is lead by hyper-right or hyper-left wing radicals? No, certainly not. But some are and if you do not completely agree with those that are you will probably be in lots of trouble if they catch you.

Karl Popper talks about this in volume 2 of The Open Society and its Enemies when he shows how Marxism, or any ideology for that matter that claims to explain everything, as does fundamentalist Islam actually explains nothing. Such systems can only be maintained by force because they are inconsistent with the real world. The true believers in this case will not let you question them because the whole cause hangs together as a unit. If one part isn't true then the whole thing falls. Therefore, the cause must supersede the individual or argument.

Thus, in both cases, when dealing with either religious or political extremist dialog and understanding are oftentimes useless. There are only three choices available; surrender and become a slave, die passively or resist.

To deal with all-consuming, universal ideologies means we must wage either a war of words or a war of bullets, often both. We must both defeat and discredit them. There is no other way.

I'm not sure we can change many Jihadist minds through verbal methods. So, unfortunately, we are left with only more forceful options. We can isolate them, imprison them or we can kill them. Or, they will do that to us.

When I look at the near total loss of dignity suffered by women in Islamic societies, the persecution of non-Muslims in most Islamic societies, the horrific legal system that is Sharia law that Jihadist want to impose, the incredibly backwards and anti-intellectual blinders that many Muslim sects and all Jihadist submit themselves to; I chose to resist Jihadist. I would rather die than live under such conditions. I will die before I allow my wife and daughter to live under such conditions. I will resist Jihadist by all means possible. Preferably in a peaceable manner but by any means needed. They must be defeated or the world faces a future more horrific than H.W. Wells or H.P. Lovecraft could have ever imagined.

Hatred isn't reasonable. Reason is not an antidote to hatred and has often been used by haters to their advantage as proved by NAZI Germany's pact with the UK and France that was, to use Neville Chamberlain's phrase, to achieve "Peace in our time." Because hate is not reasonable I will not reason with it. I will defeat it.

Many of the leaders of terrorist groups and terrible tyrant's of the 20th century actually came from middle class or higher socio-economic backgrounds. They may recruit from the lower classes but one would be hard pressed to say that these movement arise from below. They start from much nearer the top of society than the bottom. It seems that one needs to have a certain level of education to plan and lead a revolution or to realize just how oppressed the masses are.

Thus, far from being powerless the leaders of revolutionary movements seem to wield a great deal of power.

Does all of this mean we shouldn't work harder to alleviate social and economic problems in the world including Islamic areas? No.

It does that mean we should not delude ourselves into thinking that we can negociate with people who have a take-it-or-leave-it worldview. If nothing else works then we must eradicate the Jihadist before they eradicate us. As was shown this week, It only takes a few nuts to potentially kill 1000's.

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Blogger Who Advocates Resisting Terrorist

Friday, August 11, 2006

After the Typhoon

I've had back to back 70+ hour weeks. It is a busy time of year for me.
Thus, not much time to post my thoughts. Unlike much of Hong Kong I make it a point to get my work done on time and don't hang around my job after hours so that I can appear to be working hard and staying late. I'd rather eat at my desk, and take a 25 minute lunch and one coffee break and leave at 4:30 or 5:00 (I get to work at 7:30 AM) than have a two-hour lunch and three 30 minute breaks like most of Hong Kong and stay until 8:30 PM. So, weeks with this many hours are a rarity for me.

I may be wrong but I find that most people here are not really very productive. They obstensibly work lots of hours but appear to me to spend lots of time subtly goofing off. I'm glad my employer looks at what you get done rather than how long you are at the office.

I should start having more time this weekend. I can post more then.

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Overworked Blogger