Sunday, August 13, 2006

Beer and BBQ

The lovely, talented, loving, looks 25 years younger than she is, hardworking and intelligent Chinese wife is in Singapore on business until late this afternoon. So, being all by my lonesome and not wanting to cook, I took a short walk across the street to the Brazilian BBQ in Victoria Park right beside the swimming pool.

What a great place. A really long salad bar with various meats brought to your table by guys from the kitchen for $68.00 (about $7.50 US) and all the beer you can drink for only $16.00 more(About $2.05 US).

I've got to admit that some of the meats they serve are a little on the strange side and look suspiciously more Chinese than South American. Hey-Sirah-Sirah, other than the "Corn Sausage" it's still good. The down side is that they bring out the cheap stuff first so you have to pace yourself a little bit. But, that isn't a bad thing either. If you live in Hong Kong and haven't gone then give it a try. For $58.00 to $98.00 all you can eat (Depending on the time of day and whether you have the BBQ or just the Salad bar) plus an additional $16.00 for the beer or soda it is the best deal in town.

Best of all ...... The place is nearly empty on Sunday afternoons because the locals stay away from Queen Vicky park so that they don't have step over the picnicking domestic helpers. The domestic helpers stay away from this place because they are Indonesian Muslims and don't eat pork!

A few flirty Filipinos helpers were there and some local families but unlike most all-you-can-eat restaurants in Hong Kong this one is relatively quiet and you can focus on packing it away rather than listening to the guy at the next table curse into his cellphone.

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Fai Mao
The Definitely not a Gormet or Gourmand Blogger

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