Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another Evil Hong Kong Judge

It seems that bad judicial decisions are becoming as common in Hong Kong as raunchy T-Shirts.

Yesterday a female Hong Kong judge with the surname of Poon gave a sentence to a man that was breath-taking in its calloused disregard for the damage inflicted upon the victims. It was also stunning in its misidentification with the plight of the criminal and in putting the rights of a criminal over the greater good of society and the welfare of the victims of violent crime.

A 42 year-old man was given eight years for molesting at least 12 children. What’s that work out to, 9 months per rape? Assuming, of course that the only raped each child once.

After the creep is released he will have to undergo therapy.

This was not justice. It was a miscarriage of justice. I do not care that he pleaded guilty. I don’t care that after he was caught he confessed. This man raped 12 little girls.

To make matters worse the judge was quoted as saying that she was surprised to know that parents would let children as young as nine go to the park by them selves. Perhaps I misunderstood but it appears to me that she is, in part blaming the parents for the allowing a pedophile to attack their children. I guess she doesn’t realize that not everyone here can afford to hire two Filipino or Indonesian helpers per child as babysitters, tutors and substitute parents so that like her the parent can go to work and meditate upon the arcane and ancient craft of law.

What a travesty

What a farce.

What an incompetent human sack of shit

Judge Poon should retire to her 3rd or 4th house in London or the South of France and drink white wine in garden with her other rich and benighted friends.

This man ruined at least 12 children’s live. He has traumatized whole families for many years to come. He has committed a crime that many, if not most people feel is more heinous than murder. He did not commit the crime once but many times. This man is a monster. That he received a term of incarceration of only eight years for these crimes should be staggering to anyone who believe that society has a right to be protected from such people and that government has the responsibility to keep such people off the streets.

A few facts that judge Poon could have looked up if she had chosen to do so:

Child molesters have the highest recidivism rates of all criminals. Once they start they can’t stop.

Therapy and counseling are seldom helpful in such cases.

Societies have basically three choices with this type of criminal. They can locked them up forever; They can be executed; or possibly electronically tracked. The last option is not appropriate for Hong Kong. Where can one live in Hong Kong where you are less than 500 feet from a school or pre-school? The GPS devices used in the US and Canada would not be of much help here.

The only hope that justice will be served in this case is that molesters are not very popular in prison. One, Jeffery Dahmer was put back into the general population several years ago in the US state of Ohio. The other prisoners killed him. Maybe the prisoners in Stanley prison will be so just and rid Hong Kong of this monster.

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Fai Mao
The Blogger Who Thinks that Hong Judges Are a Criminals’ Best Friend

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