Friday, August 18, 2006

Is My Bicycle Worth More Than My Life?

Last November a cyclist was killed during the bicycling section of the Hong Kong Triathlon series by a Mini-Bus driver who was driving recklessly. I find it amazing that the roads were closed to private cars but open to these hellishly bad drivers. What a dangerous situation. What was worse I was at the race. It could have been me who was hit.

Yesterday the driver of the mini-bus who was speeding, by some reports talking on his cell-phone and in the wrong lane while passing around a blind curve was sentenced to 5 months in jail. His license was revoked for two years.

What an absolute travesty

What a farce

What kind of idiots does Hong Kong allow to become judges?

Considering that the bicycles ridden by triathletes can cost upwards of HKD $60,000 it is possible that the mini-bus driver will lose less money in lost wages than the man he MURDERED had invested in his bicycle.

I realize that putting the human sack of shit driver in one of Hong Kong's cushy prisons isn't going to bring the man he killed back. But, it might make other drivers think a little before they pass around blind curves and engage in all the other incredibly dangerous stunts that they pull in traffic.

The human sack of shit judge commented upon how the driver was actually a man of good character and showed true remorse and all the other tripe and swill that judges who lose sight of the victim and the damage done to the victims families spout as excuses for their cowardice in not handing down a just and equitable judgment.

If this driver was a man of good character he would not have been in the wrong lane, speeding or illegaly passing on a blind curve. He would have been concerned enough about the people in his bus and on the bicycles around him that he would not have taken the deliberate actions that caused this accident.

What this judge has actually just done is allow mini-bus drivers to run over cyclist and pedestrians at will. After all, even if they kill someone the worst they'll get is five months in a minimum security lockup.

Conversely, anyone wishing to murder someone simply needs to run over them while driving a mini-bus.

Can any other conclusion be drawn from this verdict?

I think that as of today, as a pedestrian, cyclist and concerned citizen I am going to refuse to ride a mini-bus. They are dangerous; often poorly maintained, at times overloaded and the drivers negligent of basic traffic laws such as speed limits, traffic lights and stop signs. They should outlawed. Just get them off the streets.

The judge who handed this decision down should be impeached. Indeed, if he/she/it is indicative of all the judges in Hong Kong then they should all be replaced.

I'm sorry, if this is justice in Hong Kong then Hong Kong is not a civilized place. If the judge that handed down this decision believes he was being civil, just or enlightened he/she/it should think again.

Cretins, Philistines, Dunciads in robes - It doesn't take much intelligence to see that in this case, justice was not served. It wasn't even thought about.

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Blogger who believes in the Idea of Just Punishment More than the Hong Kong Judges

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