Thursday, August 17, 2006

The evil that lurks in the hearts of men

There is an article in the news this morning that says that police in Thailand have arrested a man in connection with the murder of Jon Bennet Ramsey who was killed in Denver about 15 years ago.

This was a horrific murder and because her parents were somewhat quirky, newly-rich with a rather extravagant lifestyle, they were the prime suspect for many years. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The parents were all but tried and convicted of murdering their child in the papers and on television. Like O.J. Simpson they've maintained their innocence all along. Unlike O.J. Simpson it now appears that they are not guilty as Hell but were quite possibly wrongly accused.

The guy who has confessed to this is being held in a Thailand prison. (He is now back in the US (Aug 25) He is a second grade teacher from the US state of Georgia. It seems that education is a magnet along with church youth workers for Pedophiles. Bangkok is where these guys go for a good time with 10 or 12 year-old girls or boys. It makes me wonder if Jon Bennet was the only little girl he molested and killed.

It makes me wonder if schools should require male teachers to be married. I'm not sure that would always work. One of the best elementary school teachers I have ever met was a single man. He was not and is not a child molester. Thus many kids would have missed out on a wonderful educational experience if Gregg hadn't been allowed to teach. Also, there is nothing to say that pedophiles can't be married.

As someone in education it is hard call. I'm not sure there is a good answer.

At any rate, it is good to see a case like this finally solved. If I were the US government, I'd be tempted to refuse extradition. Let this guy spend the rest of his life in Thai prison. Pedophile are among the offenders who are least likely to be rehabilitated. Lock him up, throw away the key and remind him not to bend over to pick up his soap in the shower. Maybe a little of the horror he has inflicted upon little girls (and boys?) can be repaid to him.

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Fai Mao
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Anonymous said...

Um, it's not true that John Karr was being held in Thailand on an unrelated sex charge. He was as free as a bird - and not wanted for anything, either - in Thailand until U.S. agents asked Thai officials to hold him in the Ramsey case.

Like many criminal cases, there is so much misinformation being spread - even by legal talking heads - that myths are often accepted as fact.

Fai Mao said...

Thanks for the correction.

I'm sure I read or saw that he was being held for another charge.

However, why should I believe everything the paper says?

FAi Mao