Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lurking and Posting

Some unidentified person left comment correcting something I'd said about the man arrested in the Jon Bennet Ramsey murder. The correction doesn't really change the thrust of the post but it does make me more believable if I have facts straight.

Thank you Madam/Sir whoever you are. Please come again.

I do wish people would leave a name or place.

Unlike a newspaper reporter I don't think I'm infallible. I'm not going to give anyone a written slap down if I can avoid it. If I think I've gotten a reply by a crank, I'll probably just delete the comment and move on. I've had a couple of rather strident replies over the years I've been doing this and I've always tried to be polite when replying. Which doesn't mean that I don't try and defend my position if I think I'm right.

I'm always appreciative when people take time to respond; even if I disagree with them.

I think the ability to have people with more knowledge than I in certain subjects offer corrections is one of the great things about blogs. (In this case the person had probably read more recent news reports.) This is important because words have consequences. What I say affects or possibly affects what others do. Thus, it is important that I have my facts straight.

One of the false defenses sometimes used against censorship (as opposed to those that are valid) is that "It is just a book or just an opinion or just art and doesn't affect anybody" Well, it is my hope that when I write something that it affects those who read it. Indeed, I cannot imagine any artist saying this. Yet, I've heard this many times in discussions on censorship.

Why would I go to the trouble to write long angry essay about what I perceive as problems with the justice system in Hong Kong if I didn't think that I could either change someone's mind, alert them to a problem, or let them know that there are others who agree or disagree with them?

In a broader sense, if art has no affect or effect on us then why do we do it? Even if that effect is only to bring us pleasure or enjoyment. In my case, I am hoping that people enjoy my opinions. I hope that they find me funny or insightful or intelligent or to at least be saying something in an entertaining way. I think that my post, or essays are a form of art. I may not be a very good artist but I don't think my writing is valueless. What I say here has the potential to affect people and have an effect in their lives.

Anyway, I ramble.

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Blogger Who is Probably Not Really A Very Good Artist

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