Monday, August 28, 2006

What More Can Be Said?

Yet another egregious judicial decision last Friday by a Hong Kong judge.

A group of young men captured a young girl in 2004, tied her up, beat her and sexually assaulted her over a span of two days before she died

The longest sentence given to any of these perverted reprobates was nine years in prison. One of these sub-human, throwback (I used in the old social Darwinist term on purpose as it is the most insulting term that applies to them) monsters received only a three month probation.

This is the third judge in a two week span to give incredibly lenient sentences to perpetrators of brutal crimes.

Hong Kong currently has a very low crime rate. It is a safe place. However, if the non-justice system keeps doing this then Hong Kong will not remain a safe place for long.

Look at what is happening in the UK . Not only the burglary but violent crime is on the rise. Hong Kong judiciaries were trained in the UK and evidently have the same flawed understanding of the law not to mention human nature. We are in trouble if we do not remove these idiots from the bench.

Do these judges actually think that the Triads haven't noticed this? Watch; it will not be long before the Triads start having 14 or 15 year olds murder rivals because a teenager will be able to get off with probation. I'd be surprized if it hasn't happened already.

Yep, the crime rate for violent crimes in Hong Kong is now officially on the way up. It gets worse. In Hong Kong you can't even defend yourself, it is like the UK because you can't own a weapon to protect yourself. If you strike back at an agressor you are often charged with a crime. Part of the bargin that gun control advocates claim to make with the population is that you don't need to protect yourself because the government will do it for you. What happens if the state doesn't protect you but doesn't let you protect yourself? Hong Kong may be about to find out.

Now that the state has stopped protecting the citizens it could get bad fast.

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Fai Mao
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