Saturday, February 24, 2007

High Maintenance Bitch

What I find interesting about this controversy is that the word "bitch" is a proper term for a female dog. Originally it was neither profane or vulgar and the way that the shop has used a term that has slide through misuse into the realm of course vulgarity is legitimately funny.

The woman who complains in this article about how to explain the shop name to her children should be bitch slapped. Just tell the little puppies the truth.

Here is how the dialog would go:

Child: "Mommy, isn't that a dirty word?"
Mommy: Yes and no dearest, the word "bitch" is the proper name for a female dog and a "High Maintenance Bitch is one that requires lots grooming; but some people compare women who wear lots of makeup to fancy female dogs."
Child: "But it isn't nice to call people dogs is it?"
Mommy: "No dear, but it is OK to call a dog a dog."
Child: "So what should we call a woman who wears too much makeup?"
Mommy: "A Nina Wong"
Child: "But I thought that was what you call women who hires men to murder her husband so that she can steal his money?"
Mommy: "Well dear, that was never proved in court so we can't say it; can we?"
Child: "OK mommy, I understand"
Mommy: Good dear, I'm glad."
Child: "Mommy?
Mommy: "What dear?"
Child: "Are we there yet?"

Geez, some people will just bitch and moan about anything.

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