Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shanghai residents protest maglev train

I've been to Shanghai. It is so dirty and so polluted that I am amazed everyone there doesn't die of some dread disease by the time they are 35. I guess all those cigarettes protect them from the other air pollutants. It just seems to be a strange thing to get worked up about. But then these are the same people that call a Feng Shui master to tell them how far to open their windows.

Kind of reminds me of the chief justice in Hong Kong complaining yesterday that there has been too much public criticism of the amount of leeway given to judges in sentencing criminals here. (This has been a recurring theme on this blog and I have emailed every post to his office. I wonder if he read them?) He seems to think that judges are some sort of special persons whose opinions and work are above question. So, I guess that sentencing one man to years in jail for killing a cat and another to community service for running over two old people makes perfect sense to ho him.

This is a soapbox I've been preaching on for sometime. The justice system here isn't a justice system at all. When child molesters rape 10 or 12 little girls and receives about 18 months on average for each rape and a reckless driver almost no jail time for killing a cyclist in the regional triathlons then justice isn't served. I find it amazing that he can't see the problems with his own judges.

I wish that he would see the need for mandatory sentencing

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