Thursday, January 31, 2008

He should drive a mini-bus (Long and Rambling Post)

So, steal a lot of money in Macao and go to jail for 27 years. Kill a little girl through reckless driving in Hong Kong and go to jail for 4 months.

Hmmmm; it makes me wonder what would happen if a minibus driver stole 10 million and a government official killed a little girl?

The justice system in Hong Kong is simply broken. We need to replace every judge. If we can't do that then we need some mandatory sentencing for crimes like murder or manslaughter (Which is what this was) and negligent homicide. But, I'd really like to fire every judge in Hong Kong, revoke any pensions they might have and make them move their sorry butts back to the UK.

Speaking of the UK did anyone but me see the story of the blogger there that is under threat of arrest for complaining that the UK is letting proven terrorist into the country to preach in a London Mosque? Honestly, some might find this guy a bit over the edge; but I don't see that he is saying anything that is deserving of jail or even arrest. People of all political stripes say much more controversial things in other countries all the time. Especially since what he is saying is more or less true.

The concept of free speech is an important one to me but then I was born in the US not Europe. I can't see that he is that far out of line. It also seems to me that there is some differential enforcement going on here. Why do they arrest him for saying an Imam who advocates suicide bombers is a terrorist and not the people who called George W. Bush the heir to Hitler? Does the UK government not think that at least some Americans might be really offended by that? I'm not Mr. Bush's biggest fan but I certainly find the comments made about the US, most of which by the way are nearly completely false, by many UK citizens to be highly offensive. Why don't they worry about offending me or my religion? After all, If the average American is really the knuckle dragging Neanderthal that the Manchester Guardian makes us out to be you'd think they'd be afraid to offend us for the same reason they are afraid offending Muslims. Maybe a few Americans need to start calling for a holy war against Europe.

Nuke 'em 'til they glow! Or better yet, move there and take over the place. Turn it into "Eurmerica." Now there is an idea that's time has come!

"Eurmerica" is a concept whose time has come. Then Anti-Americanism would be a hate crime and US citizens could freely immigrate to countries like the UK and begin agitating for American law, American foods and American culture to be enforced as a sacred part of our culture. Actually that might be a good thing.

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