Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Not From My Baby You Won't!

An official in the UK is seriously suggesting that the country take samples of everyone's DNA when they are born and of immigrants and store those records in a database. I cannot believe that anyone in their right mind would allow a government to do this. George Orwell would be proud of this guy!

There are several objections that spring to mind with a plan like this:
  • It assumes that every citizen is a criminal because the information would be stored in a criminal database.I guess in the UK they no longer believe (if they ever did) in the presumption of innocence because the purpose is to find criminals. So, you are a suspect in every crime unless there is no evidence to prosecute you.
  • I guess that the population doesn't fear the database would eventually be used to silence the critics of the government. This despite the overwhelming evidence that governments will eventually abuse power to maintain themselves.
  • I guess that in the UK citizens do not have the right their own body, otherwise they would not force their citizens to do this.
  • I guess the people in the UK would rather live as safe slaves than a free people.
None of these are even remotely acceptable. Any government that would keep records of every citizen like this is evil and any nation with this type of surveillance cannot call itself a free country. Period, full-stop, end of argument. They will not accept genetically modified wheat or corn but they will allow this?

First get samples of the DNA, then control the parents, number, gender, intelligence, personality and other genetically influenced aspects of citizens lives through genetic manipulation. "Hello Cybermen!" Unfortunately there is no Dr. Who to save us!

But I guess I'm just a paranoid American who has an irrational fear of government.

Better an irrational freeman than a rational slave

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