Monday, February 18, 2008

A new way to create wealth in Hong Kong

I'm being sarcastic here folks.

After all why do we need another pyramid scheme here when we can, with impunity engage in insider trading just like David Li the president of the Bank of East Asia?

Holy Cow! All we have to do is invite the CEO's of big brokerage houses here and hobnob with them over cocktails and canapes.

Who needs to be able to sell kits for producing "magic cheese" to peasants when we can rig the markets so that HK investors, at least the big rich ones like David Li never lose?

More than that, why is the Human Bow Tie so concerned about his friend David that he is willing make Hong Kong an international pariah in financial circles?

David Li is a criminal. He is also if you talk to people who work at the BEA a very mean and stingy boss. He should go away. I don't care where. Maybe retire in the South of France with the other third world dictators and tax evaders.

Hong Kong may not not have the insider trading laws like most non-corrupt nation but he knew that what he was doing was unethical. He should not only be barred from the government but removed from his post as CEO of the BEA as well.

Geez, this guy makes Li Kai Shing and Nina Wong look good. The only way this story could be better is if he'd used some of the money he stole to hire prostitutes in Macao.

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Fai Mao
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