Friday, June 06, 2008

Maybe these guys should have joined the Taliban

June 4th was the 19th anniversary of the night that PRC tanks made mush out of several hundred people that were agitating for greater democracy and freedom in China. However, it could probably be argued that the ones who died were the lucky ones. About 500 of them were arrested and have been in jail every since. 19 years in a labor camp for asking for a less repressive government.

If they'd joined the Taliban as terrorist they'd be in Guantanamo Bay receiving three squares, have religious services and chaplains, access to health care, not required to do hard labor and have the possibility albeit a small one, that they will have their case heard by a civilian court. Plus, when the US either wins or loses the WOT they might be released. By contrast, the people arrested in that government square were not terrorist, they didn't want to murder everyone who didn't hold their narrow and barbaric theology and they were not even armed. They were a threat only to the old men with shoe polish in their hair and not much of a threat to even them. Yet, they have been held without trial, forced to do hard labor, malnourished and abused for 19 years.

I don't go to the candle light vigils that commemorate what happened that night. My eyes are the wrong shape. I don't want any of the what amounts to Chinese holocaust deniers to be able to say: "See, it is just a plot but evil foreigners to discredit our great nation!" It doesn't mean I do not care.

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