Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brazen Hussey's and Such

Was watching Jenny Lam pontificate on the TVB last night during the news. They showed Tony Chan the Fung Shui master that claims Nina Wong left him, not her family her fortune strolling into the courthouse though a forest of microphones with a big grin on his face. The wife leaned over and asked, "Does he have no shame?" She seemed incredulous that he would not be skulking around.

Lots of people seem to feel that way because the wife isn't the only one who I've heard commenting on his behavior. I find it odd that people would think that he'd behave any other way. After all there are only two choices with Tony Chan. Either he is telling the truth, in which case he has nothing to be skulky about. Or, he is trying to pull off a huge scam in which case he has more than his fair share of chutzpah and wouldn't want to look skulky so as to ruin his chances of stealing a 700 million. I go with the second option. He is a Fung Shui Master after all and Fung Shui makes Western Astrology look like a hard science. The Guy has to know that he is a fraud. He is evidently good at it. He also seems to enjoy what he does.

In other news Richard Li of PCCW was found guilty of trying to manipulate his stock buy back scheme yesterday. He should take the Tony Chan approach. Rather than buying back the PCCW shares he should simply come up with some way to take the shares. How about filing for bankruptcy? Tony Chan may very well, given the history of moronic decisions handed down by judges here in Hong Kong win his case. Not the least of those decisions was the one that gave Nina Wong her husband's fortune when she presented a hand written, unsigned, undated, unwitnessed will that contradicted one that was signed, dated and witnessed. Richard Li is at least making a cursory attempt to obey the law, just barely. In a sense I feel sorry for the guy. He can't help it if he is dumb as a sack of hammers. It doesn't take much brains to see that land line telephone companies are in trouble and that is the foundation of PCCW's business. They've added some cable TV and Internet but they are in a very competitive market.

I can sort of understand why he wanted to take his remaining cash and retire. Especially since he tried to sell the company last year and the government wouldn't let him since the buyer was an Australian. However, in Medieval time every alchemist in the world would have wanted to talk to Richard Li because they'd want his opposite. He seems to have an uncanny ability to turn Gold into dross. Paracelsus might have thought; "If I can reverse his polarity I might can turn lead to gold if he stands nearby."

That is a scheme Tony Chan might even approve of.

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