Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Injustice against women? Its a judicial institution in Hong Kong

I do not normally curse. The subject of this post is a time however when there is no other set of words that adequately express my sentiment over the incredible miscarriage of justice that judges in Hong Kong regularly inflict upon the the victims of crime.

There is really no way to describe the anger that the justice system in Hong Kong causes me to feel. Four years! Four years! For a premeditated act of violence of the worst kind. This girl never approved this and was not even his "girlfriend" at the time. She didn't ask for it, want it or deserve it. To not only rape a girl but to do it with your friends watching and to then post a video of it on Youtube is so reprehensible that only the most calloused, heartless and vicious individual could even conceive of it.

I don't give a Hairy-Hot-Damn how much this piece of dog shit's relationship with its parents has improved. I couldn't care less if it has matured. I don't care how much remorse it faked in the courtroom. I don't care if any of the remorse was even real. I don't care if it plead guilty though since the it put the video of itself raping a girl up on Youtube I can't imagine how he could have done otherwise.

This God Damned, sub-human, evolutionary throwback simian (apologies to real Chimps, Gorillas and Orangutans) should, at the very least be castrated, have the words "I'm ya'lls ho" tattooed on his forehead and then be forced to wear a short skirt with no underwear in a prison for the rest of his life; and I hope it lives to be a 100. Would that be harsh? Yes. But it would be closer to justice than the sentence handed down.

There are some crimes where you cannot simply "I'm sorry" and have the sentence reduced. This was one of them. Personal forgiveness from the victim is beside the point. This sub-human is the very definition of an anti-social monster. Yet in Hong Kong the judical system regularly gives these knuckle dragging apes lighter sentence for saying "I was a bad boy" in court. Make an example of it. Toss it into a deep dark hole and then throw away the key. In truth, given the attitude of criminals to offenders like this, the most humane punishment would be to execute these bastards but our justice system gave up humane punishment in favor of coddling years ago.

Once again, I come back to Nancy Kissel. She murdered her husband, who she may have had some cause to be afraid of and gets life. This POS performs a brutal rape and gets four years. The difference? There are two. One, Nancy Kissel pleaded innocent and judges don't like that here. Two, Nancy Kissel killed a well paid Caucasian banker and this girl was a 16 year old poorly educated Chinese.

The moral: If you want to do a crime but not do the time in Hong Kong - commit the crime against a Chinese woman who doesn't have much money.

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Fai Mao
The Blogger who does not normally curse

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