Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cheung quits in ATV drama

At the risk of being blunt, good!

Am I the only one who noticed that ATV reran the entire program schedule this year? The same episodes of the same shows down to the movies! The only thing new they got were a bunch of nature programs that invariably told us we are all going to die from Global Warming. Geezes-Cheeses if that's true you'd think they'd at least let me die happy and air a few new episodes of CSI or something.

Three or four years ago ATV had good shows, things a chubby middle-aged guy with a bad ankle would want to prop his foot up and watch. Then those shows began to slowly disappear and the few that remained are aired really late at night. I have to work, I cannot stay up until 10:30 or 11:05 PM to start a program on a week night. Now we have three or four year-old reruns of Dr. Who, horse racing (Real family entertainment there!) Obscure British chiefs with snotty attitudes like Gary Rhodes cooking foods that remind me of why people say the British can't cook and that is in prime time. Oh, and the ever obnoxious "Globe Trekker" and "Loney Planet" type travel shows that detail how you too can be a tourist without looking like one. You know you've gone clean through the bottom barrel when they best thing you've got is "Varun Shama's Luxury Travel"

But regardless, everything being broadcast was already broadcast last year. They just repeated the same programing.

You'd think if ATV were that hard up they could do some reruns of the Green Hornet series with Bruce Lee from the 1960's or something. That'd be cheap and they could bill it as "Classic TV" they but no, we get a second year of Heston Blumenthal making cheeseburgers from organic French cows.

I guess they can't do any original progaming either. That's a shame because 15 minutes of Anne-Marie Sim, or Kumi Taguchi pole dancing live right after the news rather than reading the weather might get pretty good ratings. Tim Bredbury could host a "Bowling For Dollars" show rather than ignoring the World Series why reading out scores from 2nd tier British Scoccar games. Michael Chigani could maybe do a local verson of "Home Improvement" or "The Jerry Springer Show" that last one wouldn't work because it would look too much like Newsline.

Concomitant with the decline of ATV has been a noticible slide by the other broadcast station here TVB. Competition is a good thing and since ATV mailed it in it seems that TVB has too.

I need to read more.

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