Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Returning to the land of the living

This has been a hard year. I have been sick since Christmas. I’ve missed weeks of work and just generally spent far too much time in bed recuperating from a never ending flu that turned into an antibiotic resistant bronchitis. The wife and I had moved from Causeway Bay to Tai Po and there were larger adjustments involved with that than I anticipated. I also resigned my job in September over some issues in the school. It had become a difficult year before that I have been fulfilling my contract but will not return next year. Needless to say it was not only this blog that was neglected in that time.

There were lots of things I'd not have minded writing about but I was simply to sick, tired and preoccupied over the past several months. There were things like the Nancy Kissell retrial that I found interesting but couldn’t do it. At last I feel I am well enough and caught up enough with life’s other issues to begin writing again. It is good to have the desire to do so again.

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Recuperating Blogger

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Anonymous said...

Hey this is Samuel (class of 2008), just read your post. I won't be going back this summer so I will not be able to visit you but I wish you all the best.