Wednesday, November 24, 2004

All Emo, all the time

I have really bad eyesight. My right eye is 1300/20 and my left eye is about 1100/20.

That means that things like glasses and contacts are important to me.

I also have, if the dermatologist can be believed, really dry skin from spending too much time under the Texas sun without sunscreen when I was younger, less wise and better looking. To keep my face from cracking open and looking like I have leprosy I use a lot of skin lotion. That means that I maintain a minimum of hair on my face and normally have my head shaved.

Because of the dry skin I tend to shave only every other day. That means I commonly look a bit scruffy even with a Van Dyke beard to soften the scruffiness.

I generally wear a hat. Most commonly what is sometimes called a "gimmie cap" which is like a baseball cap. My favorite is a tan one that advertises the University of New Orleans Privateers. I need the cap because it helps with glare and to keep my head from getting sunburned because of my shaved head.

These two conditions (dry skin and bad eyes) and one sartorial proclivity (wearing of caps) of my being came together recently in an odd way when I purchased a new pair of glasses. I am now, according to my teen-aged daughter who certainly ought to know about these things, a radical fashion plate; an advertisement for the latest and hippest non-saggy panted male fashion. I am, it seems, quite by accident I might add, "Emo."

Emo is a cross between punk and nerd. If you don't understand how you get the word "Emo" by crossing punk and nerd join the club. However, the glasses I bought have rectangular lenses and are a plastic frame. I like plastic frames because if you have a high prescription the lenses stay in better and they are more comfortable. I like rectangular lenses because they seem to cover my field of vision better. Besides, if I put a pair of wire frame glasses down on the table they disappear. If I drop plastic framed glasses I can find them because they are bigger and I can see them on the floor.

None of these reasons for buying these glasses sound to me to be even remotely punky or nerdy but, there you are. I guess I have become punky and nerdy by accident. Which is strange because I thought both of those lifestyle were the result of life premeditated choices rather than accidential living. I've been wrong before.

Until next time,

Fai Mao

The Emo Blogger

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James Beam said...

Welcome to the Pajama Pack, Phil_hk.