Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Another Hong Kong Christmas Carol

Last year I posted a Hong Kong version of the 12 Days of Christmas and Jingle Bells

That can be seen at:

This Year I thought I'd try again

Walking in a Hong Kong Wonderland

Tram bells ring are you listening?
In the street lights are blinking
Its crowded tonight
What a frenetic sight
Walking in a Hong Kong wonderland

Gone away is bluebird
We killed them all because of flu birds
We'd rather not cough
As we walk the along
Walking in a Hong Kong wonderland

In the crosswalk we can see an old man
pushing a cart full of paper brown
He'll say: Can you help me
We'll say: No, Man
But you'll be there by sundown

Later on we'll conspire,
As we push our stock price higher
As we live and we die
In our flats in the sky
Walking in a Hong Kong wonderland

When we get old
We'll retire
In Canada or Australia
We'll frolic and play
Though far far a way
Walking in a Hong Kong wonderland

Until next Time
Fai Mao
The Christmas caroling blogger

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