Monday, December 12, 2005

Out Early

I leave for work really early and there were no low life's out in the park protesting yet. I hope the don't try and disrupt the buss service going home.

I missed an opportunity to confirm my status as a prophet on Friday.
I was going to say that I expected some of the protesters to show up on TV complaining the hotel wouldn't let them stay. However, since I didn't claim before hand I won't claim it now.

That happened. A group of Koreans were on TV complaining that the hotel didn't honor their reservations. Having worked in a hotel for many years I know what actually happened.

They reserved the room without a credit card and then showed up wanting to pay cash without a deposit. Can you say "Skip"

Or, possibly they showed up and tried to put 15 people in a room

Or, possibly the protesters name appeared on a list of people that have damaged rooms or skipped in the past.

Or, possibly they cheesed off the desk clerk and (s)he was simply being belligerent because (s)he know that they could sell the rooms anyway. (If you don't think this happens you've never worked in a hotel.)

Hotels will refuse to sell a room for all of these reasons

Hotels don't just refuse reservations without cause. However, if you give them cause they will never let you back.

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