Friday, September 15, 2006

50 Ways to irritate anybody

38 &39 are particularly appropriate for Hong Kong

However, I don't think this list goes nearly far enough. However, it is a start.

51. People who yell into their cell phone.

52. Old men who drink beer on the bus

53. Teenagers who make out or in some case apear to be making love in the MTR or on the bus.

54. University undergraduates who think they understand more of the world than any adult except perhaps that special professor.

55. Karaoke machine in high rise dwellings

56. Grocery stores putting regular priced items over signs for sale merchandise

57. Parents who let their children run around restaurants

58. Young people who dress, walk and behave in an obviously threatening manner who then get upset when you don't trust them.

59. Any photograph of Nina Wong

60. Taxi drivers who take you from Kowloon City to Causeway bay via Tai Po and Lo Wu.

Feel free to ad your own

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Fai Mao
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