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Top 15 Unintentionally Funny Comic Book Panels

Posted by Evil Richard on March 21, 2007.


Comics are great because as they get older not only do they get more valuable (at least my future children hope so because they ain't going to no college unless a certain Mr. Spiderman can afford to send them) but they also get funnier. Thank god our use of language changes over the years because it makes our old comics look stupid and that's funny.

Here's a collection of the Top 15 Funniest Unintentionally Funny Comic Book Panels of All Time.

15. Joker's Boner
I think most of the comic goes on like this. That's all the Joker ever talks about, really.


14. Rod! Rod! Rod!
I can't tell if she's hoping for it or is suddenly surprised by it.


13. Archie Beats off
How convenient that the water comes up to their waists.


12. Shut up, Sue
This one really isn't too unusual for early Fantastic Four comics. Sue really didn't know her place back then.


11. Spider-spunk
Aunt May should know better than to snoop around a teenage boy's room.


10. Wonder Woman's eye-lash emergency
God, women can be so vain.


9. Captain America, wanker
This one's for our Cockney audience.


8. Butt-stroked?
No idea what this is from or what butt-stroking means to this guy but it's funny that this isn't the first time it's happened to him.


7. Barry Arren, Frash
It's one thing to have a character that's an insensitive stereotype, but did the editor really have to get in on it too?


6. Robin takes off his panties
I'm sure this little perv does this all the time. I mean look at who his role model is.


5. Dr. Doom and Crazy Black Man
Most likely this one actually intended to be funny but was it meant to be a story that showed how it's hard for a pimp working with a Dr. Doom tranny?


4. Wonder Woman - just like a woman only smart
Well you really can't say this guy is a mysoginist. He's totally got respect for Wonder Woman so that's pretty progressive of him.


3. Hope she has a safe word
It's hard to believe this one is real and that any version of Batman in the last 60 something years would sound natural saying this. But there it is.


2. Lois' morning after
Robots just don't quit unless you let them go around back. Lois learned the hard way.


1. Oh, Batman. You didn't.
This is my all-time favorite. That Batman has really got problems.

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