Saturday, July 07, 2007

Oh Give Me a Home

What a month. I left for the US on June 5th and returned after a three week visit. However, quite unexpectedly, this turned into a working vacation. My father despite his bad health does volunteer work with a group from the Southern Baptist that perform disaster relief. As has even been in the news here in Hong Kong; the area from from North Central Texas through Southern Nebraska in the US which is probably an area at least the size of the UK has gotten just staggering, Seattle like, amounts of rain fall this spring. Indeed from March 1, through June 1 my mother said this year North Texas received twice the total amount of rain that they get in an average year. So, since the disaster relief team needed an extra pair of hands, I helped with some flood relief. It was actually a good way to spend five or six days of a 20 day vacation.

The upside of the rains is that even in the much drier West Texas where I am from the Dessert was in bloom. The fields were green and the air was clean and I wanted to stay. I like Hong Kong but there is something about the emptiness of West Texas that really appeals to me. The land is just so massive. You can see for miles and mile. Prairies are, if you know how to look at them, seriously beautiful places. Not the gaudy neon pretty of the Hong Kong skyline or the majesty of a mountain range but a quiet, modest beauty that when you first see it takes your breath away.

The lovely, smart, beautiful, looks 25 years younger than she is wife and I are beginning to look beyond Hong Kong. She is going to be working in Singapore next year while I finish my contract here. We don't know where we'll be in 18 months but I am hearing the call of the buffalo. If I have any say in the matter Lubbock, Amarillo or Abilene may be in the offing

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