Friday, July 13, 2007

Worst gadgets - A top 10 list

The Daily Mail list some things as gadgets that don't bother me such as speed cameras. Well actually they might if if I drove but since I don't I'm glad to see most drivers get nailed. I wish they'd install the things on Pokfulam Road; then the government would not need to revamp the tax system in Hong Kong.

Worst Gadgets:
10 . The Electric Can Opener. The ultimate symbol of a lazy decadent society.

09. Cell phones that are incorporated into eye glasses. Talk about the nerd from Hell, there you are.

08. Elliptical workout machines. Try hiking and eating less instead. Anything is better than these beast

07. A tie between the X-Box, Wi and Play Station 3. I play a lot of video games but you don't need a computer that only plays games

06. Digital cameras in cell phones. If I see one more adolescent boy using his cell phone camera to take a quick picture of his girlfriends' underwear on the MTR I'll consider advocating Sharia law in HK.

05. Battery powered watches. The only time you really need a watch in three years will be the day the battery dies. Get a self winding one

04. Battery powered alarm clocks. Everything bad about a battery powered watch is true of a battery powered alarm clock in spades. Except in Hong Kong the rooms don't have enough plugs.

03. Apple Computers. Apple sells a life style not a computer. I don't know if they work better or not. I don't care.

02. Online dating services. Not strictly a gadget but this is my list.

01. Those weird multi tools that they sell on the streets here. They look kind of cool but don't work. Their only real purpose is to get $10.00 from your pocket to the vendors'.

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Fai Mao
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962 said...

apple computers are soo much better than the others