Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nancy Kessel could maybe get some sympathy if....

Notice what this guy didn't do.

While claiming he wasn't guilty of the particular crime he was executed for he didn't:
1. Blame anyone else for what happened to him.
2. Try to weasel out of his convictions for other crimes.
3. Pretend he was too sick to walk.
4. Act like a coward.

Make no mistake. This was a bad man. When convicted of the murder he was executed for he was already serving a life sentence with no opportunity for parole for other crimes. He may really have not been guilty of this particular crime or he could have been lying, I have no way of knowing. But, it is surprising that he was not on Death Row in Texas for the things he DID admit to.

Was his religious conversion real? Who knows? What is clear is that he faced death with a dignity and resolve that is admirable.

God bless you Alvin Kelly. Rest in Peace.

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Fai Mao

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