Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Another Alcoholic Judge

This is not a joke.

Eric Au-Chun Kit side-swiped a car then careened down the road and rear-ended a motorcyclist who died at the scene. He refused to be tested for his blood-alcohol level until an hour after the accident and was, at that time found to be still three times over the legal limit .

This was not his first offense. He is a habitual drunk driver.

He was given what amounts to a slap on the wrist yesterday for this crime given his obvious disregard for the law and the safety of others. He had his driving license suspended for 5 years. He was also fined. He was then given a 4 year in prison term. Tell me, do you need a driving license in prison? So how is that different from a 1 year suspended license?

The man he killed had a wife and two small children. Do they get off in four years? Yet this brother of a "Rising Canto-pop Star" according to the SCMP offered a paltry $70,000 to compensate the victims; which is probably not even the cost of the motor cycle the man he killed was riding.

After the accident he claimed the sun was in his eyes and that the motorcycle just suddenly appeared in front of him. In other words because he was drunk his pupils were dilated and his reactions were slowed. What a moron! He is so stupid that he does not even know what the sysmtoms of being drunk are.

There is a movement in the US to charge people who kill someone while driving drunk with murder. Though in Hong Kong the prison sentence for murder would be about the same unless you are Nancy Kissel. Yet still such a measure here would at least say that slime bags like Eric Au-Chun Kit are not welcome in this society.

I can't help but wonder if the apparent pathological leniency of the judges in Hong Kong in cases like this isn't because they are all boozers themselves?

Eric Au-Chun Kit. You are slimy, no good, self-centered, ignorant bastard and you you should be put in prison for the rest of your natural life for your crimes. Your wealth should be confiscated and given to the children of your victims. If you received justice then maybe Nancy Kissel would feel better because then she would be able to see that the courts were not picking on her.

Eric, if I were you, I'd hang myself in shame of what I'd done. But you have have no shame. You're just a drunken brat. At least you'll be off the streets for 4 years.

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Fai Mao
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