Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Final EPD Email

This arrived in my mail box today from the EPD:

Dear Mr. Fai Mao,

Again, please note that the number 2838 3111 is open for public to report pollution complaint to us to follow up. It is not necessary to send us the poster you mentioned. Anyway, thank you for bring this matter to our attention.

Notice I did not post the senders name or their Email. Unlike previous Emails this one came from a real person with a non-public Email. I will honor their privacy by not revealing who they are.

However, the telephone number IS for the public to complain about smoky vehicles and that would mean that the people encouraging middle school and high school students to "Put this number on your Cellphone" to call are, in fact, legally encouraging children to spy upon adults and society at large.


The Basic Law in Hong Kong gives us the right to face our accusers. Except in this instance.
The Basic Law in Hong Kong says we are innocent until shown to be guilty. Except in the matter of taxes and this instance.

There is already a vehicular inspection program in Hong Kong so this program is a waste of funds and manpower.

The government either needs to follow the law or admit that they take orders from Beijing and that the Basic Law is a sham.

Holy Cow! I hope that Hu Jintau comes to Hong Kong and his Red Star limo gets reported for smoking like an old-man in a brothel. I hope every school kid in Hong Kong reports him and the EPD sends him a letter.

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
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