Thursday, January 28, 2010

What did you say?

I occasionally get comments from people who do not understand some of the terms and abbreviations I use. So I thought it might be a good idea to make a list of these terms so that curious readers can know who or what I am referring to.

APGW – Anthropogenic Global Warming, a fraud.
ATV - Asia Television, a TV station in Hong Kong

Broom Head –Regina Yip a local politician
Brylcream, Brylcreemers, Brylcreemites – The D.A.B. a Pro Beijing political party in Hong Kong, from a men’s hair care product from the 1940’s and 50’s that used the phrase: "A little DAB will do ya” as a slogan. Some of us can do without even a little dad of the DAB.
BUHK or HKBU – Baptist University of Hong Kong, a second tier university in Hong Kong that was formerly run by the Baptist churches

Christina Chan – Local activist, an idiot
CUHK – Chinese University of Hong Kong the first rate university in Hong Kong

D.A.B – The first three initials of the pro-Beijing HK political party. The whole name is: The  Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Advancement of Hong Kong through the Adoption of the Socialist Struggle for the Enlightenment of the Masses Pursuit of a Harmonious Society as Set Forth in Inerrant Laws Handed Down to Us Mere Mortals from our Gods of Political and Social Knowledge in Beijing.
Dia Pai Dong – A street restaurant
Dim Sum – various types of Chinese dumplings eaten for breakfast
Disco Dungeon – A night club, generally in Wan Chai
Domestic Helper - A maid, Amah or Au Pair, generally from the Philippines, Indonesia or Thailand who work in Hong Kong. There are over 200,000 helpers in Hong Kong. Their duties often include child rearing since the parents here are more concerned about their careers than their children, cooking, and cleaning not to mention helping teenage boys in the homes where they work with homework from their sex education classes. Many times they also serve as the husband's low cost mistress though the frequency of this is unknown. They have better benefits, less opressive working hours, more days off and higer pay than many jobs than then locals can get.
Doremon –  A “cat like” Japanese cartoon character or John C. Tsang the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong
Dust up – A fight

Egg Tart – A local bakery product or a low cost professional woman
EMSD – The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
EDB -The HK Ministry of Education
Fangs or She’s got fangs on – Anson Fang On Chan a retired Hong Kong Politician

Girlie Man – A coward or the Hong Kong Police

Hair Dye Brigade – An official from the mainland
HKHA – The public housing authority
HKU – The University of Hong Kong, a second rate high school with pretentions
Hoity-Toit or Hoity-Toity – A snob or to engage in habitual snobbery
Hot&Tot – A drunkard, someone who is habitually debauched.

I-Ed or HKIE – The Institute of Education, a teacher’s college in Hong Kong
I-cable - An Internet provider in Honmg Kong, poor quality, bad service cheap price, better than PCCW

Jusco – Local Department store like Sears

KMB – Kowloon Motor Bus, a mass transit bus company in Hong Kong
KCR - The above ground part of the MTR

Legco – The city Council of Hong Kong
Long Hair – A Hong Kong politician, a Trotskyite

Mainland Boy – A person from the Non-SAR parts of the PRC, a derogatory term
Maroon – A Moron, idiot, stupid or ignorant person
Mini-Bus- A 16 seat vehclle, part of the transportation system in Hong Kong that serves routes without enough people for the major bus companies to bother with. Often driven by maniacs who run red-lights speed and take courners on two wheels.
Mrs. Captain Kangaroo – Diana Lin a reporter and producer for TVB
MTR – The Mass Transit Railroad, the subway in Hong Kong

Nina Wong - Deceased golddigger who married a wealthy tycoon and had him murdered when he didn't die soon enough. She stole his fortune and then had it stolen from her heirs by a disreputable Fung Shui practicioner Tony Chan
Nurry Vitachi - Local columnist and writer

Origami – the Japanese art of folding paper or the way the HK government can write a report of 1500 pages and say nothing understandable.

Panda Eyes – Black circles or wrinkles under the eyes
Pack Away or Pack it Away – To eat
PCCW - Pacific Century Cyber Works, the slowly failing company owned by the playboy son of Li Kai Shing. It provides Internet services and cable TV in Hong Kong as well as laundering money for various shady dealmaker types
PIAPS - A Pig in a Pant Suit - Hilary Clinton a US Politican
Poky – Jail or Prison
Professional Woman – A prostitute
Punch lights out – to administer a beating

Queenie – Celina Chow a Hong Kong Politician

Running Dog – Someone who is a mouthpiece for either the former colonial masters or the PRC

SAR – Special Administrative Region, the designation for Hong Kong in the PRC because we are not part of a province
Satan's Prom Queen - Audrey Eu a Hong Kong civil servant
SCMP –The South China Morning Post, an unreliable, often biased source of news in Hong Kong
Shenzhen - Suburb of Hong Kong up North. requries a visa to visti if you are a non-Chinese citizen
Shoe Polisher – Someone who sucks up to Beijing, DAB members
Skunk – A cat like animal in North America that is black with a white stripe down its back and can spray predators with a foul smelling musk. A middle-aged woman who hasn’t kept her hair dyed and has a white stripe down the part in her hair.
Sogo – A Japanese Department store like Neiman Marcus

TaiTai – A rich housewife, normally used in a derogatory manner
Teddy Girl - A young woman who has an overly well developed sense of fashion
THBT – The Human Bow Tie, Donald Tsang
That Woman – Emily Lau, a local politician
The Big Lychee – Hong Kong, a city in Asia
TOMboy – Tung Chee Wah the previous mayor of Hong Kong
TSB – The Stumble Bum, Chris Patten the former governor of Hong Kong.
Tycoon – A property developer, a criminal, Li Kai Shing
TVB – Television Broadcasting, another TV Station in Hong Kong

Up North – The NonSAR parts of China

V, W, X

YYum Chai – literally to “drink tea” another term for eating dim sum

Until Next Time
Fai mao
The Blogger who should probably use fewer slang terms

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