Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Trumpgiving

I have read several of these the past few days and they are all wrong. (At least in my opinion) This one is giving advice to conservatives talking to leftist family members and is a little more sane but is still wrong and the ones dealing with the leftist college student going home to Trump supporting family are just a bit to histrionic. So in an attempt to set the record straight let me make a few suggestions for the special snowflake, SJW going home for Trumpgiving.

1. Be gracious. Many of the articles like this I've read start off with a person saying something like; "How can I sit there in a room when I know that they voted for such and evil man? Why are my family such bigots? I'm ashamed of them. I just wish I didn't have to go!" Two things. One you are proving you are not as multicultural as you think you are. If all cultures are equal and should be celebrated then you should accept your relatives point of view and enjoy the meal. Just don't talk about politics. If someone ask simply say "I don't want to talk about it today." Two, the family members probably feel the same way about your politics as you do theirs. They still invited you. Ipso facto they are exhibiting more tolerance to your views than you are to theirs since they want you there and are you are wishing you didn't have to go. So buck up buttercup! Graciousness goes along way.

2. Remember Godwin's Law: "The first person to call the other a NAZI or racist loses the argument. Really, your family, unless they are way, way, way out there harbor no ill feeling for people with different skin pigmentation. They probably want everyone to do well and wouldn't mind them living next door so long as they keep the lawn mowed and don't throw parties more than once a year or so. Trying to make arcane and ultimately, nonsensical (At least to them) arguments about "White Privilege" or "Structural Racism" are both inflammatory and insulting to people that actually remember the bad old days of Jim Crow and lynchings. To have a 2nd year college student (Or even a grad student) tell them that they need to feel guilty for being Caucasian or middle class is simply insulting. Bite your tongue or better yet read some real history and admit how far the US has come in race relations.

3. Learn a little humility. Realize that you may be wrong about some things. You don't have all the answers any more than your family does.

4. Be Honest with Yourself. Realize that Mrs Clinton was a horribly flawed candidate in many ways. Admit you see her short comings. She was a candidate that has been hounded by at least 15 scandal since the 1970's. These were not simply creations of some vast right wing conspiracy. If you are honest you will realize that you supported Mrs Clinton IN SPITE of her flaws which are easily as great as Mr Trump's because of the platform she espoused. You should give your family the same right a flawed candidate because of the platform.

5. Understand that the democrats have nobody to blame for Mr Trump than themselves. My figures may be slightly off as some states have just gotten their final vote tally but basically Mr Trump received about 750,000 fewer votes on average than either John McCain or Mitt Romney. Mrs Clinton received about 8 million fewer votes than Mr. Obama did on average. If democrats had turned out then Mrs Clinton would have won. This gets back to flawed candidate mentioned above. There were a large number of people that didn't vote for either person.

6. Educate your self a bit. There have been a lot of fake stories about Mr Trump carried in news sources. Look at what he actually says NOT what has been reported he said. Often times it is quite different. He isn't quite the monster the Clinton favoring media makes him out to be. This sort of gets back to #3 but is more insidious in that you need to realize that the media was lying to you. For example; the violence at Trumps rally was almost always instigated by protesters not his supporters. We KNOW because of the Wikileaks data dumps that many of the protesters were paid by the Clinton campaign. A man was fired over this. Trump's supporters are not violent. They have generally been the victims of violence.

7. Practice what you preach. This is a biggie. I get really upset with people that make all sorts of false claims about what I am or believe based upon some form of political or sociological theory that has NO BASIS in the actual events or activities in my life. Let me give you an example that, honestly I don't like to talk about. My wife and I support 15 children through various charities that feed, cloth, house and provide education for underprivileged children from all over the world; none of them, incidentally Caucasian. If everyone who voted for Hillary Clinton did 1/2 that there there would be no starvation in the world. In fact if everyone that voted for Hillary Clinton supported just one child faithfully and steadfastly for years then no child would ever die of starvation. It is easy to go to a protest. It is easy to ride your fake moral high horse and say how much you care or how you've set aside your privilege. It is easy to spew blanket condemnations about those evil "conservatives" It is easy to agitate for governments to do more (Especially when you don't pay any taxes yourself) It is easy to ignore the fact that on average conservatives donate more of their income as both a percentage and total amount than people on the political left. It is easy to say the rich don't pay enough. If you want me to take your Social Justice Ware buffoonery seriously then put down the protest sign and start donating to charities. Put your money where your biog fat mouth is. When you, who are so concerned match the 25% of our income that my wife and I give to charities rather than the (Statistically speaking less than 2% given by leftist ideologues) then we'll have a conversation my bigotry, racism or whatever. Until that time if you are at my table then keep your politics to yourself. And, just to let you know, we've been doing this since we were first married and made $1000.00 a month or less.

8. Relax a bit. Remember that the government is a huge bureaucratic machine. It takes years and years to really change anything and nothing that is done or undone cannot be corrected at a later date.

Dear conservative reader, I'm sorry about Thanksgiving 2013. I got carried away. The Obama administration and seemingly every liberal website were putting out…

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