Sunday, November 20, 2016

The disturbing number of apparent pedophiles surrounding Hillary Clinton

I know that some of my friends & readers don't like me talking about this but they are actually the ones that need to read it. This is a bunch of really weird stuff. It could all be a series of unconnected coincidences but I don't know how to even begin to figure those odds. At some point those that call themselves progressives need to really look at the people their leaders hang out with and ask themselves if they are comfortable with the friends of those they support?

What isn't proven in this blog, at least not in this post, is that John Podesta and Hillary Clinton are actual pedophiles but I think this shows pretty conclusively that they are associated with people who appear to be pedophiles.

Imagine if Jeff Sessions were linked to these people. The media wouldn't have to dig up a quote from 30 years ago to slander him with.

Imagine if Donald Trump, who is reputed to have a taste for junk food, just bought a pizza at one of these places? He'd be crucified.

This is either a great example of citizen journalism doing what the main stream media won't or people who've bought too aluminum foil that they made into hats. I'll let you decide which.

Pizza Gate

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