Monday, September 05, 2005

Finding time

I am back

But it is at times so hard to find things to write. Not because nothing happens but because what could I possibly say that hasn't been said better by others? My area of expertise is school libraries, bicycles and Educational philosophy. writing about those topics are not exactly a gripping read for most people.

I try to avoid politics but will have to talk about politics in December when the G8 meeting comes to Hong Kong and the park across the street from my home becomes the staging area for the baboons that aren't too poor to fly to protest but seem to be too poor to rent a room and who make all of these meetings. My, God, I don't even see how a fairly left wing person could like those folks. At least not when they're in your town shitting on your jogging trail and blocking your route to work. But, I'll get to them when they get here. Until then, I's rather avoid political issues

Thus, I am in a quandry. I would rather not get too political yet and what to say?

Never fear. I'll think of something. I just hope I think of it soon

Until next time
Fai Mao
The experiencing writters block blogger

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