Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Anti-WTO - One last time (Hopefully)

The 14 terrorist arrested by the HK police during the Anti-WTO protest two weeks ago are awaiting their day in court. They want to be released without charge and be able to go back to Korea to continue with their farming job. But, they can't leave because the HK government is holding their travel documents. They are out on bail and sitting in a booth dressed like peaceful Buddhist monks doing the hunger strike thing.

That's fine with me. I don't care if they are hungry when they appear in court. I don't care if want to wear funny clothes either. This is the kind of things little kids do to try and their way. "If you don't let me I'm gonna hold my breath"

It does bother me that they are now trying to pretend to be so non-violent when they were arrested for inciting and participating in a riot.

What a bunch of juvenile cowards these people are!

I disagree with these people but I'd have some respect for them if they didn't wimp out like this.

If they were sincere about their protest they'd view their incarceration as a badge of honor. If they truly believed in their cause they be willing to pay the price.

Hey as a child I used to watch civil rights marches in Alabama on the TV news. The people trying to revoke Jim Crow didn't try to avoid the punishment of the corrupt government they were trying to over throw. They reveled in it.

I'm sorry guys Thoreau not only went to jail but he refused to let others pay his fines. That is the essence of a civil-disobedience protest. He didn't hurt anybody, he didn't fight and he didn't beg for mercy. Maybe they should read Walden Pond. When you engage in violence you are a terrorist thug.

More than that, if you or I could avoid prosecution for a crime by simply claiming "I was protesting" then no laws could ever be enforced, ever. Crime would not only pay but would be come the norm. It doesn't matter what their nationality is or where they committed their crime. These people came here and broke a law that I, a Hong Kong citizen would have been jailed for breaking. They should be equal, not more than equal to me before the Hong Kong law.

Covering yourself in a protest flag does not absolve guilt. Trying to not be responsible for your actions because you were protesting does make you look like a coward; or maybe a paid operative.

Think about it. These thugs planned to come to Hong Kong and cause lots of trouble. But, because they were protesting they feel that they should be let off the hook for the property damage and lost business to the area merchants they caused. They have even had members of the South Korean legislature here begging for clemency. Worse, the legco member Martin Lee came to their defense!

Gee. Maybe I should go to Korea protest something, assault the police, cause millions of dollars of property damage and then claim "I was engaged in a protest so you can't prosecute me!" I could use taped footage of the South Korean Legislators asking for these freaks to be released as evidence.

If someone from Hong Kong engaged in this type of violence in South Korea would Martin Lee go to Korea and beg that they receive special treatment because they claimed to be protesters?

I've got news for Martin Lee, if you support these thugs you cannot be a supporter of democracy in Hong Kong or claim to favor the rule of law.

Indeed, I would expect that if I went to South Korea and broke the law, especially in a premeditated way that I would be jailed. Given that South Korea appears to me to be a some what semi-fascist police state, I'd expect to be severely beaten as well.

To their credit the HK government other than Martin Lee has said that they will not let their judicial decision be influenced by non-citizens. I hope they don't back down on this one. Donald Tsang needs to show he has a backbone and the police need to stop apologizing for their treatment of these thugs.

The South Korean farmers socialist union thing has threatened to send 1000 farmers to protest if these baboons (Apologies to real baboons) are sent to jail or fined. I think the HK police ought to simply say "Molon Labe."

Bring it on guys. It's time to crack your heads and throw your sorry butts in jail.

Until next time
Fai Mao
The increasingly belligerent anti-anti-WTO blogger


Rab said...

Couldn't agree with you more. I have little respect for people who do not want to take the consequence of their behaviors when they know it ahead. Actually, they are not peaceful at all right now. They threaten to bring more people to HK if they get jail terms and they try to use public pressure to make the police bend the laws of HK so that they don't have to respect the laws of HK. Some of them are rich enough that their wives and kids came to HK to support them. Wish I could fly around the world whenever I want to.

Ed Lee said...

First of all I agree that hunger strike is a futile gesture unless they were willing to go through with it, which they didn't because it only lasted for 4 days(?)
But you seem to be suggesting that the Korean farmers wanted to come and destroy HK. Understandably, many HKer's had this view thanks to the climate of fear the media had created, not to mention the violence from past WTO meetings such as Seattle & Genoa. But if you really knew what was going on and instead of feeding from the one-sided reporting from the likes of TVB and tabloids you would have a far more objective view. Fortunately, a sizeable bunch of HKer's did go and see for themselves and rallied to support and applaud the protestors as they marched by. Good to see a bunch that weren't entirely ignorant & not brainwashed by TVB reporters.
How can you criticise someone that you haven't talked or interacted with. From my time spend with the Koreans, they were a friendly courteous bunch, they would've been more happier if they haven't been pushed to the brink of poverty. And that goes for the Phillipinos, Indonesians, Mexicans and other nationalities.
The so-called 'terrorists' you claim didn't touch one single HK citizen. (Did you also notice the hundreds of HK protestors?) Not one single store window was smashed. They picked up their own rubbish after a rally. They even gave back the police their riot shields.
The majority of criticism comes from their actions on the night of Saturday 17th. It was a clash that nobody wanted. The Koreans wanted to make their voices directly heard to the WTO delegates, while the Police needed to protect the delegation. Therefore a clash occured, not because the protestors wanted a fight. A Korean even restrained an Indonesian because the stick he used to hit the Police was too big & dangerous. Instead the Koreans chose to use brittle plywood which wouldn't penetrate the riot police's armour & shield. I did see a few that chose my violent measures such as throwing projectiles at unarmored officers, but when you start generalising a group by a few individuals' actions then that would be ignorant.
In fact both sides wanted to use the least amount of force. I also say that there was no police brutality involved except how they treated them in prison. They were charged with 'illegal assmebly', as were 900 others! And not all were Koreans. So why was it whittled down to these 14? They seem to be scapegoats to me.
Both sides resepct the law, the HK People's Alliance only complaint is that the Police seem to be deliberately delaying the hearing process as they could not find any solid witnesses. They even allowed the Taiwanese to go home to resume his studies. But does studying help put food on the table? The Koreans certainly don't think so.
Your example of being arrested in South Korea for the same thing is contradicting. It is a different scenario from HK because as you say, S.Korea is indeed a autocratic state in disguise so you would get your ass severely beaten. Assaulting the police? Only if you manage to really hurt them. 100 million worth of damage? Like the few fences that were broken here? Only if they're expensive diamond plated fences.
Furthermore, I noticed the newspaper's use of the word 'threaten' which is exaggerated. It makes it seem that 1000 farmers will descend on HK to mount a commando-rescue operation. Utterly bad journalism and fear mongering.