Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm Just a Canary in the Data Mine

I received a really strange comment yesterday on a post I made nearly a year ago.

This past spring my Mother-in-Law was in the last stages of life; dying in a Hong Kong hospital. I wrote several very angry post about her treatment in the hospital and the experience of my wife and myself while going through this situation. After she died I simply let the matter drop. It isn't good to dwell on topics like that. You can't be angry at people forever.

I also had other parts of my naval to gaze into.

What is slightly upsetting about the comment I received yesterday is that it appears to be a pre-recorded message aimed at blog post with words like "Hospital" or "Health Care" in the text or title. It is obvious from the short comment that they didn't read the entry and it is signed by an insurance company.

I guess I should be happy that someone or even something is actually hitting my pages.

So in an effort to obtain even more computerized traffic on my blog I submit the following paragraph.

Viagra, Hospital, Health Care, Sex, George Bush, John Kerry, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, United States, Animal Rights, Vegetarian, Disease, Iraq, Michael Moore, Feminism, Global Warming, Ozone, WTO, Anti-WTO, Pornography, Jesus, John McCain, Pope, Rap, Swift Boat, Cusine, Insurance, Children, Parent, Hip-Hop, Education, University, History, Google, Human Rights, Poverty, Industrial, Pollution, Save the Whales, Charels the Prince of Wales, Dianna the Princes of Wales, Communist, AIDS, Communism, Prince Harry, Capitalism, France, Rush Limbaugh, Wine, Mel Gibson, Alcoholism, Drug Use, Addiction, Disfunctional Families, Freedom of Speech, Abortion, Satan, Satanism, Politics, Right Wing, Boycott, Left Wing, Erectile Disfunction, Mass Media, Fashion, Exercise, Welfare, Travel, Food, Homosexuality, Gay Rights, Space Shuttle, Nuclear Weapons, AARP, Menopause, Orgasim, Retirement, Castro, Chavez, Iran, Islam, Muslim, Koran, Bible, Veda, Hindu, Buhdda, Jew, Christian, Crusade, Jihad, Real Estate, Fast Food, Health food, Vitamins, Acupuncture, Meditation, The New York Times, Alternative Lifestyle, Alternative Medicine, Cancer, Astrology, Dating, Over population, Birth Control, Anti Christ, Atheist, Dog, Cat, Pets, Fox News, Divorce, Treatment, ADD, ADHD, Cable TV, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Ausberger, Immigration, Guns, Gun Control, Justice, Space Aliens, UFO, Abduction, Kidknapping, Capital Punishment, 9-11, 9/11, Military, Election, Israel, Hamas, Terrorism, Ossam bin Ladin, Al Queda, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Nixon, Nixon Nixon, Hitler, Madonna, The Beattles, ELVIS.

Have fun with this one data miners!

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Shamelessly Self Promoting Blogger

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Jeremy Pierce said...

That comment is just spam. It's someone trying to increase their own Google rating by putting a link to their site on your blog. That sort of comment is worthy of nothing but deletion. It's standard practice for bloggers to remove such spam.