Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Few Sane Voices

I hope this is not too little too late. I hope that enough people are paying attention in the UK and France and Germany.

Europe in particular and the West in general need to stop allowing the intolerant, abusive and backward; not to mention violent and oppressive apostles of 7th century Arab Cultural Imperialism to immigrate into their countries. Muslims get upset when Jack Straw politely suggest Muslim women to unveil in his office and yet Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia have no problem FORCING non-Muslim women to wear veils.

I also don't think that the British know what Britishness is anymore. If they did they'd ditch the EU. (My problems with the EU is another topic for another day) It isn't enough to stop kowtowing at the alter of Multi-cultural lies. It isn't enough to stop tolerating intolerance.

But, it would be a good start.

Muslims need to hear that tolerance is a two way street. If they are not will to live in a multi-religious society then they should go back to their third-world Islamic slum.

To quote Pete Townsend: "Let's be free and see who cares!"

Freedom and submission are incompatible concepts.

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Blogger Who Lives a True Multi-Cultural Life Style but isn't Multi-Cultural

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