Thursday, October 05, 2006


This past Sunday was National Day which is the Chinese equivalent of July 4th.

The lovely, intelligent, looks twenty-five years younger than she is, gracious and hard-working wife and I went to a friends' apartment which has a harbor view. We sat on the balcony with other people and watched the fireworks in the harbor. It was a good show. As a person with a very pronounced Peter Pan complex I really enjoy fireworks.

When I was a boy in the US, July 4th used to be a favorite holiday. The fireworks, the BBQ the parties at the beach and all of the activities that go along with a summer holiday were just great. Usually after the civic fireworks display put on by the city there would be some sort of patriotic speaker who might be a congressman or commentator of some sort. One year my town had Paul Harvey speak after the fireworks. I was too young to know who Paul Harvey was but his goofy voice and off canter delivery was fun to listen to. I was only about 8 years-old but I remember his speech. He talked about how we should be grateful to live in the US and recounted various exemplary episode from US History to make his point. It was a good speech. I went home thinking that I should join the army.

Well, I am grateful that I live in China. Not that China is a perfect place. Not that Hong Kong is better than the rest of China and the fireworks didn't make me want to enlist in the PLA. However, it is truly a privilege to live in China.

There is no other nation with the history, the heritage and the list of cultural achievements that can match China. It was an empire before there was a Rome. China had huge cities when the Britons and Celts and Franks were living in dab and wattle huts that they shared with their cow or their pig.

The Chinese were glazing pottery when Europeans were still banging rocks together to make sparks for a fire.

China has endured invaders, flood and famine, despots and buffoons and still there is a China. I believe that as long as there are nations there will always be a China. Europe is rapidly losing its freedom and is becoming Eurabia. The E.U. will be living under Sharia law in 20 years and European culture will be subjugated and destroyed by the Arabic cultural imperialism that is Islam.

When Europe disappears as a culture China will remain. China is becoming free as it lives up to its constitution. There is a long way to go but the Chinese are a patient people. The road will be tough to walk because of the endemic corruption fostered by the socialist state. (The last great horror that European civilization foisted upon the world) But, I think China is walking the road to freedom in a purposeful manner despite the efforts of its leadership.

I think that China will become a free and noble nation again. I pray that I live to see that happen. I am grateful for the chance to live here.

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Non-Native Chinese Patriot

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