Thursday, January 18, 2007

Butt of the Joke

The government in Hong Kong likes to move their bureaucrats around for some reason. Just about the time one lemon begins to understand their job and to do it with some modicum of proficiency, they get transfered to another post in another department of the government. I guess this is supposed to ensure that each official has a broad knowledge of the government. In reality it means that each department is constantly run by someone who is learning their job and makes lots of mistakes

In keeping with this policy; the ever incompetent Fanny Law is being transfered. My ever charming and lovely wife has to go to a dinner in Dame Fanny's honor tonight at a Jockey Club restaurant, somewhere in Happy Valley. Fanny was formerly a high level paper pusher in the Education and Manpower bureau, but will henceforth be a high level paper pusher in the Independent Commission Against Corruption (The Hong Kong FBI). I think that Fanny has a bachelors degree in English literature or some such from HKU. However, the only way she could be connected to an expertise in law enforcement is through a transliteration of her last name.

I have only two things to say to this:
  1. Thank God this pompous woman (Yes, I have met her) will no longer have a say in Hong Kong's educational policy!
  2. If she is as good at fighting crime as she was at furthering education the local criminals will also be glad she is no longer in education and fighting crime instead.

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Fai Mao
The non-Bureaucratic Blogger

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