Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Kinder and Gentler Immigration Policy

The Hong Kong government announced yesterday that immigration officials will now try to "kindly and gently persuade" pregnant women from the mainland to please not have their babies here in Hong Kong.

I guess it would just never occur to an official in Hong Kong to simply say "If you are obviously pregnant we won't let you in; so don't try"

In related news there are a growing number of teenagers from Hong Kong who are going across the border to Shenzhen because drugs like Ecstasy are cheaper there and the dance clubs will let a 12 year-old in. How stupid is that? China is the land of fake products What makes these brats think that the dope they buy in China is actually dope? How do they know the pills aren't just generic Tylenol dipped in food coloring or something worse?

It's not just the drugs but the legal system in China. Holy Cow! If I were going to do something illegal China would be one of the last places I'd want to do it in. Once again the government here is mouthing all the politically correct platitudes about children needing love and direction and education to prevent this. These kids ought to see a Chinese prison. How about a tour of a Chinese re-education through labor camp as part of the Social Studies curriculum in the local schools?

But, maybe it is good that some of these pampered, rude, self-absorbed truants should spend a couple of years in a Chinese prison. At least they'd not clog up the MTR wearing their ugly fashions and weird haircuts.

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Fai Mao
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