Thursday, January 11, 2007

Crackpots NOT Visionaries

Above is a link to a book about how the pyramids in Egypt were actually some form of weapon of mass destruction that the ancient Egyptians used to defend their kingdom from the Hittites and space aliens. I find it interesting how people with crack-pot ideas can so easily impersonate true academics. Indeed, some crack-pots have actual academic credentials which just goes to show that education is no proof against insanity.

I just have a few questions for these pyramid alternate history guys.

  1. If the ancient Egyptians were so advanced? How come they were invaded and conquered by a bunch of guys with clubs and spears known as the Hyksos?
  2. If the pyramids were a source of electricity derived from a harmonic resonance of the Earth's natural magnetic field why don't they build a model that does the same thing today and put China Light and Power out of business?
  3. Have they ever been to Tralflamadore?
  4. Did they ever serve in the Army of Mars with my friend Stony Stevenson?
  5. Would they like to buy a special magic crystal from me that will give them eternal youth and health for only USD $1,000,000?

But just when I am tempted to think that all this stuff about Space aliens living among us complete BS I see a picture Nina Wong.

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