Monday, May 14, 2007


The last movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy will start its Hong Kong run this Thursday. I plan to go see it if I can on Thursday evening.

I got into sort of an argument this morning with one of the more patriotic and socially minded students here at the school I work for about this movie. She is upset that Chow Yung Fat plays a part that is a stereotypical Chinese Kung Fu villain (Though how she knows this is beyond me as the movie isn't playing here yet.) and is not a positive role model. She conveniently forgot that this is a movie where all the major characters are PIRATES! None of them are particularly good role models and the whole movie is based around comic versions of stereotypical characters.

She just reinforced my notion that the voting age in all elections world wide should be raised from 18 or 21 to about 38 or 40. The young have no stake in the world. That's why they want to change it. It is often said that the world belongs to the future generations but that is a lie. The world belongs to middle-aged farts who had the money to buy from over-the-hill geezers. The middle-aged take care of the Earth because we want to protect our investment. Attempts by 20 somethings to change the world are really just an attempt by those without money to gain access to the wealth of those who have spent 25 to 30 years earning it.

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962 said...

I guess we are all a little racist
Ma Lik thinks white people are called Gweilos
People on my bus wont sit next to me unless its the last seat. If my Indian colleague is on the bus they wont sit next to him even if it is the last seat.
I work on a racial theory as follows.
If you are drowning the coulour of the person who saves your life will not be the greatest concern.
However if you have been racist the people you have hurt will be unlikly to jump in to save you.

Fai Mao said...

Well put! 962, well put