Friday, May 18, 2007

Weasel Words

Some Questions for Ma Lik

  1. If there were not 4000 people killed by the Chinese in June 1989 what was the real number; was it maybe 5000 or 6000?
  2. If those people didn't die, where did they go and why haven't they contacted their families?
  3. If being run over by a tank doesn't turn you into mince (hamburger meat for those of you reading this in civilized countries) what does being run over by a tank turn you into; a meat waffle?
  4. If the PRC didn't cremate the bodies of those killed then what did they do with the bodies?
  5. What is total cost for hair dye by top Chinese officials?
Enquirering minds want to know

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Fai Mao
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