Monday, August 27, 2007

No Straw Monday? That really sucks

Today at lunch I decided that I was in the mood for something from the Worlds' favorite Scottish Gourmet (aka McDonald's) and since there was one near where I was that didn't have a line around the block I said to myself: "Fai Mao this is where you are gonna eat lunch!" So, I walked up to the counter and ordered a #6, dry without tomatoes. Everything was bliss until I reached for the dispenser to get a straw for my drink. The dispenser was empty. All the dispensers were empty. Only then did the counter girl, who spoke very good English by the way, tell me that today was "No straw Monday" to help save the environment.

Only being a rude angry Gweilow in my heart I simply said "That's silly" and because I'd not yet paid for the meal; I turned sharply on my swollen ankle and left through the same doorway I'd come in through three minutes before. I'll let them figure out how to sell the special order sandwich.

What McDonald's is doing should appeal to neither me or the left wing environmental goofs; and that is assuming that they aren't all vegans. The straw is the most expensive or second most expensive part of a fast food drink. Indeed, the cheapest part is normally the drink itself. Drinks are huge money spinners for restaurants because the profit margin is so high. Micky D's is simply not giving you the most expensive portion of the drink, which saves them money, and covering their poor customer service with the banner of saving the environment. That is irresponsible and wrong.

I walked a little farther down the road and got plate of curry at a Fairwood (Local Hong Kong chain) where I received a nice long straw with my Coke Zero.

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The Accidental Environmentalist

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Anonymous said...

hey dude,you know the most ridiculous thing is that if you bother to ask that girl for a straw,she will probably give one to you although today is the "honorable" NO STRAW MONDAY!
The chain is not really environmentally friendly.It's fake!
You don't need to feel angry about it.And you're too rude.