Sunday, August 05, 2007

The T-Shirt patrol strikes again

This past week has been a good week for t-shirt sightings in Hong Kong.

Last Monday I saw one of the thousands of flat chested, straight hipped local teenage girls walking in Causeway Bay wearing a shirt that said :"Do you like my fat butt?" Down the back. I'd hate to see what she calls scrawny.

Some time this week I also saw a reappearance of the old standby "Just do me" with an upside down Nike swoosh. At times like that I wish my Chinese was good enough to ask the girl wearing the shirt if she really meant that? I wouldn't but I know some guys who probably would "like to do her."

Today the ever lovely, hardworking, really smart and looks 20 years younger than she is Chinese wife and I were in the big Wellcome below the CMA church in North point. There were two really offensive shirts there as well. The first guy I saw in the store was wearing a shirt with a fake eye chart on the front that looked something like this:

He had a Bible in his shopping trolley so he'd just come from church. Must of been the Chinese service. But you'd hope that somebody informed him of his shirts' message.

There was also a woman in the checkout line behind us. She had a black t-shirt with a Duncan's Donuts sign on the the front but instead of saying "Duncan's Donuts" it said "Fuckin' Gonuts."

As always, when I write on this topic I'll end by saying: "Never ever, ever, wear clothing with things printed on it that you cannot read.

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Fai Mao
The Blogger who wears plain T-shirts with nothing silkscreened on them

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962 said...

Took me ages to work out what that said
Such a sheltered life I lead