Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Is there anything on Earth to compare with coffee?

I don't know if I would be considered a big coffee drinker but I am a huge coffee fan.

There is nothing I know of, not bread, not fresh laundry, not a fireplace that smells as good as coffee. Not even bacon!

Nothing else can say: home, work, good morning, good evening, hospitality, time to get busy or time to time relax, I'm sophisticated or I'm a common man in the same way as coffee.

Coffee is the do it all beverage.

It doesn't have the kiddy appeal of soda which is good.

You can drink 3 pints of it and still legally drive home.

Coffee with a cookie for a snack.

Coffee with a sandwich as a late supper

Coffee with toast in the morning

Coffee with a rum or whiskey spike for that special conversation with a special friend.

Coffee while watching TV in my pajamas is nearly heaven on Earth.

Coffee on a cold rainy day when I need to warm up.

Coffee with chicory

Coffee with chocolate

Some would say coffee with cigarettes but I don't smoke

I take mine black with sugar

Fai Mao
The Coffee Drinking Blogger

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