Thursday, October 06, 2005

G7 Protesters and Hot Glue

TVB in Hong Kong reported last night that in preparation for the G7 conference here in December the government had glued down the bricks they use for sidewalks. They were afraid that that the protesters would pull the bricks up and throw them through windows.

I must admit I'm expecting the worst for this conference. The HK police appear rather too wimpy to confront this kind violent protest. It has been my experience here that the police tend to try to follow the Chinese maxim of "Make big problems small problems and ignore small problems" They negociate, they cajole and the try to defuse a situation. That won't work.

I have some some sympathy for the issues these people raise but I have no sympathy for them. They are out of line, over the top and beyond the pale.

I hope they don't cause any trouble. But, if they do cause trouble, I hope the government calls out the PLA Garrison for help.

One rioter one bullet.
Fai Mao
The Right Wing Reactionary Blogger

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