Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Good the Decadent and the Islamic

I must apologize to my few faithful readers for being so slow in posting over the past several days. I would only say that they need to read my post on "Billable hours" to understand why I don't have more time.

I have been following the somewhat scary controversy over these Danish anti-Islamic cartoons. I was going to post about this a day or two ago but it seems that many people have said what I would have said equally as well so I have waited until I think I have something to add to the conversation rather than seconding others. In the end; I don't know that I have anything different to say. I had a rather long well reasoned post about this topic written and polished up with all the grammar and spelling in order but I deleted it.

When it comes to Islam, I don't believe reason works. Thus I'd only be preaching to the choir. I give up. There are Christian groups that send missionaries into Muslim nations. I don't plan to join them though I might support them.

I am just going to say this and leave it. If there are some Christians who think I'm being too stern or unloving, so be it.

If it gets a Fatwah called upon my head so be it.

I think Islam is a barbaric religion. It was founded by a man who was probably mentally ill. He practiced pedophilia because middle aged men who marry and sleep with little girls as young as 11 who still play with dolls and are not menstruating are pedophiles. Mohammed did that.

He was petty, brutal and vindictive. He was a murderer. He was a racist. He was a thief and brigand who robbed caravans to support his extravagant life style. He couldn't even live by the same rules he imposed upon others.

Because its founder was all those things Islam is oppressive. It is maintained by force. Islam is abusive. Islam is harmful to all who practice it. Islam is evil.

Muslims would be better off being Atheist because while they'd still end up in Hell at least in this life they could have some fun. Islam is the epitome of self-righteous.

I believe that Mohammed communicated not with an angel but with a demon.

If that sounds a bit too extreme then call me an extremist. At least I'm not calling a jihad to convert anyone to my point of view. At least I don't agitate governments and break laws to force people to pretend that they agree with me. At least I don't hold up a sign that says "Freedom go to Hell" while dressed as a suicide bomber.

I may be an extremist but I'm better than the terrorist that pass for Islamic clerics. I do not try to hide the problems with Christianity by threatening people with violence. I do not seek to silence any criticism of my faith by force. I do not slit the throat of people who say blasphemous things about my religion. I do not believe in forced conversions.

In my mind there is no better example of why Christianity is superior to Islam than by looking at the reaction to these cartoons. If Muslims think that Western culture picks on them and not Christians then they need to look again.

I pray that by September 11, 2051 (I will 91 years old by then) that 800 million Muslims have become Christians. My god, I hope I can see that day. I pray especially for Malaysia and Turkey. I am daily praying that by September 11, 2051 Islam is no longer a major world religion. I am daily praying for the collapse of Islam.

I pray for every individual Indonesian maid I see in Hong Kong. I pray that they would cast aside the veil of self-righteousness that is Islam and take up the true covering of the Holy Spirit.

I heard the Christian thinker and writer Os Guinness a couple of years ago say that the things we see going on in the Islamic world are simply the process of Islam trying to find a way to live in the modern world. He didn't think that Islam was going to be able to reconcile itself to modernity. If he is right then either Islam or modernity will have to be overthrown. Modernity may be decadent but it is better than going back to the middle ages. I pray that Islam would be overthrown soon!

I am praying that the Holy Spirit will decend in Muslim countries. I want to see 100's of millions of muslims come to Christ.

I believe that if Islam disappeared then the world would be a better place. Culture may be decadent but Islam is evil. I'd rather live in a decadent culture than an evil one. If Muslims do not like the culture of Western Europe or the US then move somewhere else. Nobody is forcing them to stay or oppressing them for being there.

Until Next Time
Fai Mao
The non-Islamic Blogger

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