Sunday, July 23, 2006

Oppinonated Rant on HK Governemnt

Oppinonated Rant Warning –If you are patriotic UK citizen do not read this post if you truly want to find out what expat Americans think of your benighted nation’s legacy in Hong Kong. Especially since everything in it is, to the best of my knowledge, TRUE.

I also realize that my politics are WAAAAY out there in some respects. I am not a moderate. Neither am I a conservative or liberal in the normal sense of the word. People today tend to think as either free-market capitalist or Socialist-Marxist. I follow Nicolò Machiavelli. I believe that the primary purpose of government is to perpetuate itself. I believe that good government exists because and only because it doesn’t want to be replaced. I am also somewhat a follower of John Lock. I believe in freedom. The problem in government as I see it, is to balance the governments need for self preservation with the individual’s need for freedom.

The politics in Hong Kong are really weird. I believe, a large part of that weirdness is a result the mini-constitution called the “Basic Law” Another part of it is because the British government was effectively a racist one in that used British imperial flunkies to run Hong Kong. The local Chinese were, until almost the end, only worked in rather menial government positions in that even the high ranking officials were not to make any legal decisions on their own. The only Chinese who were allowed to advance were those obedient followers with very brown noses. They are not decision makers. That means you have people who are afraid to make decisions that have to use a deeply flawed constitution; is it any wonder you get bad decisions? Hong Kong has ended up with a government run by a civil service who are not so much interested in doing what is right for Hong Kong but rather, in not rocking the boat. Don’t make a mistake. Keep your head down. Look busy. Keep your job. It is the culture here.

I think, the problem with the “Basic Law” is that it was never intended to be an actual working constitution but vehicle that would allow the bloody racist and immoral British toadies to continue to pillaging, looting and plundering by brown nosing and skirt lifting for the PRC. In addition to that it is poorly written. For example; it contained no provision for the transfer of office if a top official stepped down, resigned or died before the end of their term as Tung Che Wah did. It is, in many ways a scary document.

It contains provisions that allow various industries to have SEATS in the legislature. I am sorry, that is simply fascism.  Chris Patten, The Queen and the Parliament approved a fascist constitution for Hong Kong. I am still waiting for “The Guardian” to blame that on Bush or Reagan. Granted they were dealing with China but they could have done better than this.

But, what would you expect from a country that is so racist that it allowed laws to stand in Hong Kong that barred Chinese from living in certain neighborhoods until the last 25 to 30 years? (I believe that the actual date was in the 1980’s but can’t say for sure) Gee, it looks like South Africa learned how to set up apartheid from the UK!  When did “Jim Crow” laws end in the US again; 1964? I bring these little facts up every time some fat-arsed ex-colonial tries to lecture me on the moral superiority of the UK. Most of the time they simply get angry and say I’m just a bigoted American and then leave me alone. Sometimes if you can’t win you settle for a withdrawal of enemy forces.

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Fai Mao
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